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Bill Tracker

Learn more about the bills we are tracking during the 2021 Utah Legislative Session. Click the plus sign next to each bill for more information and how you can take action. 

Bills We Support

HJR 13 Joint Resolution Declaring Racism a Moral and Public Health Crisis

Declares racism a moral and public health crisis.

HJR 13

Sponsor: Sandra Hollins

Location: House File for Bills Not Passed

HB 102 Contraception for Inmates

 Allows people who were already using contraceptives to continue using their contraceptive method while incarcerated


Fact Sheet with Talking Points

Cheif Sponsor: Jen Dailey-Provost
Floor Sponsor: Luz Escamilla

Location: Enrolling

SB 19 Expanded Infertility Treatment Coverage Pilot Program Amendments

Extends a pilot program offering certain qualifying families (PEHP) who are seeking fertility treatment a $4,000 grant - 1st sub amends so that the $4000 grant can be used multiple times, avoiding incentivizing people to do a riskier procedure with multiple implantations


Sponsor: Luz Escamilla 

Location: Enrolling

HB 164 Abortion Requirements Amendments

Eliminates the requirement that a person seeking an abortion complete in-person information modules, allowing instead that they complete them online


Sponsor: Ray Ward

Location: House Rules. Did not advance.

SB 128 Family Planning Services Amendments

Requires the Medicaid program to apply for a waiver or a state plan amendment to extend family planning services to people with income 250% or below the federal poverty level.


Fact Sheet with Talking Points

Sponsor: Derek Kitchen

Location: House File for Bills Not Passed

HB 204 Feminine Hygiene Products Tax Amendments

Eliminates the taxation on menstrual products.


Sponsor: Robert Spendlove

Location: House Rules. Did not advance.

HB 177 Health Education Amendments

Enhances education for middle school and high school students in Utah to learn about consent including what does not constitute consent; sexual violence behavior prevention education; and information about resources for sexual assault survivors.

HB 177 

Talking Points

Sponsor: Carol Moss

Location: Failed to pass House.

SB 80 Utah Antidiscrimination Act Amendments

Defines protective hairstyle and makes discrimination against people with protective hairstyles illegal.

SB 80

Sponsor: Derek Kitchen

Location: Senate Rules. Did not advance. 

HB 192  Fertility Treatment Amendments

Expands Medicaid coverage for fertility preservation to people who are diagnosed with cancer or another disease for which the treatment could cause infertility.

HB 192

Sponsor: Ray Ward

Location: Enrolling



SB 158 Children's Health Coverage Amendments

Creates a statewide outreach program to increase health insurance coverage for children, and directs the Department of Health to expand Medicaid and CHIP to children who do not currently qualify (undocumented children). Establishes 12 month continuous coverage for children who enroll in Medicaid.

SB 158

Sponsor: Luz Escamilla

Location: Senate File for Bills Not Passed


SB 229 Healthy Lifestyles Amendments

Makes improvements to the state health education curriculum. 

SB 229

Sponsor: Kathleen Riebe

Location: Failed to pass in Senate Health & Human Services

Bills We Oppose

HB 253 - Abortion Amendments

Mandates that the abortion informed consent occur in person. Includes penalty of perjury for the patient's signature verifying they have viewed the information module. Adds certain requirements to the abortion information module, such as audio of fetal heartbeat and images of abortion procedures at certain gestational ages. Requires certain detailed breakdowns of statistical reporting of abortion complications. Fines a physician $50,000 for failure to comply with any provision of the bill.

HB 253

Fact Sheet with Talking Points

Sponsor: Steve Christiansen

Location: House File for Bills Not Passed

HB 92 - Medical Practice Amendments

Makes it unprofessional conduct for a healthcare professional to provide gender-affirming healthcare for a person under 16 years old, including puberty blockers. Includes a provision to allow intersex people ("with external biological sex characteristics that are irresolvably ambiguous") to receive medical care to create gender-conformity.

HB 92

Sponsor: Rex Shipp

Location: House File for Bills Not Passed

HB 231 - Fetus Transport Restrictions

Prohibits transporting fetal remains across state lines, except for burial.

HB 231

Fact Sheet with Talking Points

Sponsor: Cheryl Acton

Location: House File for Bills Not Passed

HB 302 Preserving Sports For Female Students

Prohibits transgender girls from participating on scholastic athletic teams for girls K-12 and collegiate.

HB 302

Location: House File for Bills Not Passed