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Governor: Phil Murphy (w)

Lieutenant Governor: Sheila Oliver (w)

District 2
Assembly: Vincent Mazzeo, John Armato (w)

District 4
Assembly: Gabriella Mosquera, Paul Moriarty (w)

District 5
Assembly: Patricia Egan-Jones, Arthur Barclay (w)

District 6
Senate: James Beach (w)

Assembly: Louis Greenwald, Pamela Lampitt (w)

District 7
Senate: Troy Singleton (w)
Assembly: Carol Murphy, Herb Conaway (w)

District 11
Senate: Vin Gopal (w)
Assembly: Joann Downey, Eric Houghtaling (w)

District 12
Senate: David Lande (L)
Assembly: Gene Davis (L)

District 13
Assembly: Mariel Didato, Tom Gaimio (L)

District 14
Senate: Linda Greenstein (w)
Assembly: Daniel Benson (w)

District 15
Senate: Shirley Turner (w)
Assembly: Elizabeth Muoio, Reed Gusciora (w)

District 16
Senate: Christopher Bateman (w)
Assembly: Andrew Zwicker, Roy Freiman (w)

District 17
Senate: Bob Smith (w)
Assembly: Joseph Danielsen (w)

District 18
Senate: Patrick Diegnan (w)
Assembly: Nancy Pinkin, Robert Karabinchak (w)

District 19
Senate: Joseph Vitale (w)

District 20
Assembly: Annette Quijano, Jamel Holley (w)

District 21
Senate: Jill Lazare (L)
Assembly: Lacey Rzeszowski (L)

District 22
Senate: Nick Scutari (w)
Assembly: Jerry Green, James Kennedy (w)

District 23
Senate: Christine Chen (L)
Assembly: Laura Shaw (L)

District 24
Assembly: Gina Trish, Kate Matteson (L)

District 25
Senate: Lisa Bhimani (L)
Assembly: Tom Moran, Richard Corcoran (L)

District 27
Assembly: Mila Jasey, John McKeon (w)

District 29
Senate: M. Teresa Ruiz (w)

District 31
Senate: Sandra Cunningham (w)
Assembly: Angela McKnight (w)

District 32
Assembly: Angelica Jimenez (w)

District 33
Assembly: Raj Mukherji, Annette Chapparo (w)

District 34
Assembly: Sheila Oliver (w)

District 35
Senate: Nelida Pou (w)
Assembly: Shavonda Sumter (w)

District 36
Assembly: Marlene Caride (w)

District 37
Senate: Loretta Weinberg (w)
Assembly: Gordon Johnson, Valerie Huttle (w)

District 38
Senate: Bob Gordon (w)
Assembly: Tim Eustace, Joe Lagana (w)

District 39
Senate: Linda Schwager (L)
Assembly: Jannie Chung, Annie Hausman (L)

District 40
Senate: Thomas Duch (L)
Assembly: Christine Ordway, Paul Vagianos (L)