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Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund’s Legislative Scorecard reveals a strong majority of Massachusetts legislators support access to sexual and reproductive health!

The scorecard assigns each Massachusetts state representative and senator a rating of: "Champion", "Ally", "Mixed", "Opponent", or "NEI" (not enough information) based off of each legislator’s lifetime voting record, co-sponsorship history, public statements, and other factors.

Champion: A legislator who has demonstrated leadership on the Advocacy Fund’s legislative agenda and works in partnership with us to advance our shared goal to improve access to sexual and reproductive health care and protect the health and rights of Massachusetts residents.

Ally: A legislator who consistently supports our legislative and policy agenda including protecting access to safe, legal abortion. 

Mixed: A legislator who may oppose access to safe, legal abortion - but who supports preventive health measures – such as family planning and sex education – and is willing to work with the Advocacy Fund in support of these issues. In other instances, a “mixed” legislator may support abortion access, but has taken action against sexual and reproductive health care access either with a vote or public statement.

Opponent: A legislator who vocally opposes access to safe, legal abortion and/or access to sexual and reproductive health care more broadly. A legislator who supports some health issues included in the Advocacy Agenda may still be considered an Advocacy Fund opponent.

Not Enough Information (NEI): A legislator who has not participated in the Advocacy Fund’s endorsement process or has not taken a public stance on our priority issues.

Scroll below to find out whether or not your state legislators stand with Planned Parenthood and support reproductive health. 

Massachusetts State House of Representatives

Massachusetts State Senate


Massachusetts State House of Representatives Scorecard

State Representative District Party 2017 Rating
Arciero, Jim 2nd Middlesex D Ally
Ashe, Brian 2nd Hampden D Mixed
Atkins, Cory 14th
D Champion
Ayers, Bruce 21st Norfolk D Opponent
Balser, Ruth 12th
D Champion
Barber, Christine 34th Middlesex D Champion
Barrett, John 1st Berkshire D Ally
Barrows, Fred 'Jay' 1st Bristol R Opponent
Berthiaume, Don 5th Worcester R Opponent
Benson, Jen 37th Middlesex D Champion
Boldyga, Nicholas 3rd Hampden R Opponent
Brodeur, Paul 32nd Middlesex D Champion
Cabral, Antonio 13th Bristol D Ally
Cahill, Daniel 10th Essex D Ally
Calter, Tom 12th Plymouth D Opponent
Campanale, Kate 17th Worcester R Opponent
Carvahlo, Evandro 5th Suffolk D Ally
Cassidy, Gerald 9th Plymouth D Ally
Chan, Tackey 2nd Norfolk D Ally
Connolly, Mike 26th Middlesex D Ally
Coppinger, Ed 10th Suffolk D Ally
Crocker, William 2nd Barnstable R Opponent
Cronin, Claire 11th Plymouth D Ally
Cullinane, Dan 12th Suffolk D Champion
Cusack, Mark 5th Norfolk D NEI
Cutler, Josh 6th Plymouth D Ally
D'Emilia, Angelo  8th Plymouth R Mixed
Day, Mike 31st Middlesex  D Champion
Dean Campbell, Linda 15th Essex D Mixed
Decker, Marjorie 25th Middlesex D Champion
DeCoste, David 5th Plymouth R Opponent
DeLeo, Bob 19th Suffolk D Ally
Diehl, Geoff 7th Plymouth R Opponent
DiZoglio, Dianna 14th Essex D Ally
Donahue, Dan 16th Worcester D Champion
Donato, Paul 35th Middlesex D Opponent
Dooley, Shawn 9th Norfolk R Opponent
Driscoll, Bill 7th Norfolk D Ally
DuBois, Michelle 10th Plymouth  D Champion
Durant, Peter 6th Worcester R Opponent
Dwyer, Jim 30th Middlesex D Opponent
Dykema, Carolyn 8th Middlesex D Champion
Ehrlich, Lori 8th Essex D Champion
Farley-Bouvier, Tricia 3rd Berkshire D Ally
Ferguson, Kimberly 1st Worcester R Opponent
Fernandes, Dylan Barnstable, Dukes, and Nantucket  D Ally
Ferrante, Ann-Margaret 5th Essex D Champion
Finn, Michael 6th Hampden D Mixed
Fiola, Carole 6th Bristol D Ally
Frost, Paul 7th Worcester R Opponent
Galvin, William 6th Norfolk D Ally
Garballey, Sean 23rd Middlesex D Champion
Garlick, Denise 13th Norfolk D Champion
Garry, Colleen 36th Middlesex D Opponent
Gentile, Carmine 13th Middlesex D Champion
Gifford, Susan 2nd Plymouth R Mixed
Golden , Tom 16th Middlesex D Mixed
Goldstein-Rose, Solomon  3rd Hampshire U Ally
Gonzalez, Carlos 10th Hampden D Ally
Gordon, Ken 21st Middlesex D Champion
Gregoire, Danielle 4th Middlesex D Champion
Haddad, Pat 5th Bristol D Champion
Harrington, Sheila 1st Middlesex R Opponent
Hawkins, Jim 2nd Bristol D Ally
Hay, Stephan 3rd Worcester D Champion
Hecht, Jonathan 29th Middlesex D Champion
Higgins, Natalie 4th Worcester D Ally
Hill, Bradford 4th Essex R Mixed
Hogan, Kate 3rd Middlesex D Champion
Holmes, Russell 6th Suffolk D Mixed
Honan, Kevin 17th Suffolk D Champion
Howitt, Steven 4th Bristol R Mixed
Hunt, Daniel 13th Suffolk D Ally
Hunt, Randy 5th Barnstable R Opponent
Jones, Brad 20th Middlesex R Mixed
Kafka, Lou 8th Norfolk D Ally
Kane, Hannah 11th Worcester R Mixed
Kaufman, Jay 15th Middlesex D Champion
Keefe, Mary 15th Worcester D Champion
Kelcourse, Jim 1st Essex R Ally
Khan, Kay 11th Middlesex D Champion
Kozcera, Bob 11th Bristol D Ally
Kulik, Steve 1st Franklin D Champion
Kuros, Kevin 8th Worcester R Opponent
Lawn, John 10th Middlesex D Ally
Lewis, Jack 7th Middlesex D Champion
Linsky, Dave 5th Middlesex  D Champion
Livingstone, Jay 8th Suffolk D Champion
Lombardo, Marc 22nd Middlesex R Opponent
Lyons, Jim 18th Essex R Opponent
Madaro, Adrian 1st Suffolk D Champion
Mahoney, John 13th Worcester D Champion
Malia, Liz 11st Suffolk D Champion
Mariano, Ron 3rd Norfolk D Mixed
Mark, Paul 2nd Berkshire D Champion
Markey, Chris 9th Bristol D Mixed
Matias, Juana 16th Essex   Ally
McGonagle, Joe 28th Middlesex D Ally
McKenna, Joseph 18th Worcester R Opponent
McMurtry, Paul 11th Norfolk D Ally
Meschino, Joan 3rd Plymouth D Ally
Miceli, Jim 19th Middlesex D Opponent
Michlewitz, Aaron 3rd Suffolk D Champion
Mirra, Lenny 2nd Essex R Mixed
Mom, Rady 18th Middlesex D NEI
Moran, Frank 17th Essex D Mixed
Moran, Mike 18th Suffolk D Ally
Muradian, David 9th Worcester R Mixed
Muratore, Matthew 1st Plymouth R Opponent
Murphy, James 4th Norfolk D Ally
Murray, Brian 10th Worcester D Ally
Nangle, David 17th Middlesex D Mixed
Naughton, Hank 12th Worcester D Ally
O'Connell, Shaunna 3rd Bristol R Mixed
O'Day, Jim 14th Worcester D Champion
Orrall, Keiko 12th Bristol R Opponent
Parisella, Jerry 6th Essex D Ally
Peake, Sarah 4th Barnstable D Champion
Peisch, Alice 14th Norfolk D Champion
Petrolati, Thomas 7th Hampden D Opponent
Pignatelli, Smitty 4th Berkshire D Ally
Poirier, Betty 14th Bristol R Opponent
Provost, Denise 27th Middlesex D Champion
Puppolo, Angelo 12th Hampden D Opponent
Rogers, Dave 24th Middlsex D Champion
Rogers, John 12th Norfolk D Opponent
Roy, Jeff 10th Norfolk D Ally
Rushing, Byron 9th Suffolk D Champion
Ryan, Dan 2nd Suffolk D Champion
Sanchez, Jeff 15th Suffolk D Champion
Scaccia, Angelo 14th Suffolk D Opponent
Schmid, Paul 8th Bristol D Ally
Scibak, John 2nd Hampshire D Champion
Silvia, Alan 7th Bristol D Opponent
Smizik, Frank 15th Norfolk D Champion
Smola, Todd 1st Hampden R Opponent
Speliotis, Ted 13th Essex D Champion
Stanley, Thomas 9th Middlsex D Ally
Straus, Bill 10th Bristol D Ally
Tosado, Jose 9th Hampden D Champion
Tucker, Paul 7th Essex D Champion
Tyler, Chynah 7th Suffolk D Ally
Ultrino, Steve 33rd Middlesex  D Champion
Vargas, Andy 3rd Essex D Ally
Vega, Aaron 5th Hampden D Champion
Velis, John 4th Hampden D Ally
Viera, David 3rd Barnstable R Mixed
Vincent, RoseLee 16th Suffolk D Ally
Wagner, Joseph 8th Hampden D Ally
Walsh, Tom 12th Essex D Ally
Whelan, Tim 1st Barnstable R Ally
Whipps, Susannah 2nd Franklin R Opponent
Williams, Bud 11th Hampden D Ally
Wong, Donald 9th Essex R Mixed
Zlotnik, Jonathan 2nd Worcester D Ally
VACANT 4th Suffolk - -
VACANT 4th Plymouth - -
VACANT 11th Essex - -
VACANT 1st Hampshire - -
VACANT 6th Middlesex - -



Massachusetts State Senate Scorecard

State Senator District Party 2017 Rating
Barrett, Mike 3rd Middlesex D Champion
Boncore, Joseph 1st Suffolk and Middlesex D Ally
Brady, Mike 2nd Plymouth and Bristol D Ally
Brownsberger, Will 2nd Suffolk and Middlesex D Champion
Chandler, Harriette 1st Worcester D Champion
Chang-Diaz, Sonia 2nd Suffolk D Champion
Collins, Nicholas 1st Suffolk and Middlesex D Ally
Creem, Cindy 1st Middlesex and Norfolk D Champion 
Cyr, Julian Cape & Islands D Champion
deMacedo, Vinnie Plymouth and Barnstable R Opponent
DiDomenico, Sal Middlesex, Suffolk and Essex D Champion
Eldridge, Jamie Middlesex and Worcester D Champion
Fattman, Ryan 18th Worcester R Opponent
Feeney, Paul Bristol and Norfolk D Ally
Friedman, Cindy 4th Middlesex D Ally
Gobi, Anne 5th Worcester D Champion 
O'Connor, Patrick Plymouth and Norfolk R Mixed
Hinds, Adam Berkshire, Hampshire, and Franklin D Ally
Humason, Don 2nd Hampden and Hampshire R Opponent
Jehlen, Patricia 2nd Middlesex D Champion
Keenan, John Norfolk and Plymouth D Ally
L'Italien, Barbara 2nd Essex and Middlesex  D Champion
Lesser, Eric 1st Hampden and Hampshire D Ally
Lewis, Jason Middlesex and Essex D Champion
Lovely, Joan 2nd Essex D Champion
McGee, Tom 3rd Essex and Middlesex D Champion 
Montigny, Mark 2nd Bristol and Plymouth D Ally
Moore, Mike 2nd Worcester D Ally
O'Connor Ives, Kathleen 1st Essex D Ally
Pacheco, Marc 1st Plymouth and Bristol D Ally 
Rodrigues, Michael 1st Bristol and Plymouth D Mixed
Ross, Richard Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex R Mixed
Rush, Michael Suffolk and Norfolk D Opponent
Spilka, Karen 2nd Middlesex and Norfolk D Champion 
Tarr, Bruce 1st Essex and Middlesex R Mixed
Timilty, Walter Norfolk, Bristol and Plymouth (formerly HOU - 7th Norfolk) D Opponent
Tran, Dean Worcester and Middlesex R Opponent
Welch, Jim Hampden D Ally
VACANT Hampshire and Franklin - -
VACANT 1st Middlesex - -

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