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This blog post was originally published by Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, DC Action Fund. We are now Planned Parenthood Advocates for DC, Maryland & NoVa.

Just a few weeks ago, we marched for gun control. Thousands of students, parents, teachers, and families took to the streets to stand behind the students of Parkland, Florida and victims of gun violence to demand that our government prioritize the lives of our nation’s children over funding from the NRA.  

At the March for Our Lives, I marched with hundreds of thousands of advocates, & more than 50 other Planned Parenthood supporters proudly carried their “Together We Fight For All” posters. The speakers articulated the importance of holding our elected officials accountable. Here at Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington DC, we’re ready to do just that. In fact, we have some work to do right in our own backyard.

Just a short ride from DC, Virginia’s 10th district is represented by Congresswoman Barbara Comstock. Representative Comstock’s romance with the National Rifle Association is indisputable. She has an “A” rating from the NRA and is one of the top 10 recipients of NRA funding in the House of Representatives. It’s time that she’s held accountable for prioritizing money and the NRA over the lives of the students and her constituents right here.

In her two terms representing the 10th district, Comstock has pocketed of whopping $130,000 in donations from the NRA. Not surprisingly, she has also voted against universal background checks, semi-automatic assault rifle bans, increasing regulations on gun silencers, and gun rationing. Rep. Comstock voted to allow people on the terror watch list to buy guns. All of this in spite of the fact that the majority of Americans actually support stricter gun laws.

Comstock has a lot to answer for. Her district hosted a Town Hall for Our Lives following the march to address the issue of gun control, and, to no one’s real surprise, she failed to show up. This is not the first time Comstock’s constituents have had to call her out and demand her presence at a town hall. In fact, we hosted our own “Search Party” for Comstock in summer 2017. She remains on Town Hall Project’s Missing Member List, since she has failed to hold schedule a proper town hall to listen to her constituents for three years running.

When our representatives offer “thoughts and prayers” in the wake of every school shooting without taking necessary action to prevent future shootings, they’re simply not doing their jobs. Barbara Comstock, it’s time to host a real town hall, face your constituents, and listen to their concerns. It’s that simple.

I’m sick of the world I grew up in, where school shootings flash across the screen as “breaking news!” and no one is surprised. And I have a sneaking suspicion I’m not alone.

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Hannah Wright, Political Communications Intern

Hannah Wright hails from Los Angeles, California. Her passion for reproductive rights, healthcare, and sex education led her across the country to study Political Science and International Affairs in the nation’s capital.