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Great news! On June 5, 2018, our Action Fund is undergoing some exciting changes: We’re changing our name to Planned Parenthood Advocates for DC, Maryland & Northern Virginia & working with our friends at Planned Parenthood of Maryland to advocate for the whole state of Maryland!

Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, DC Action Fund has been advocating politically, legislatively, & electorally in the DC metropolitan region for years, & we’ve loved every minute of it. From working tirelessly to elect reproductive rights champions to office to fighting to protect our health care from political attacks, we’ve been there every step of the way to make sure you have the right to choose when, how, & if to raise a family.

That’s why we’re so excited about all of the possibilities opening up to us in the state of Maryland. Maryland has long been a champion for reproductive rights, electing bold advocates to office & passing progressive legislation that expands, rather than limits, reproductive freedom. Over the next few months, we’ll be joining forces with our colleagues at Planned Parenthood of Maryland to expand the capacity of our advocacy, participate as an organization in local and state elections, and vigorously advocate for comprehensive reproductive rights.

In summary: We’re going to be the same outspoken, tenacious Action Fund you’ve always known; we’re just joining forces and expanding our reach in the state of Maryland.

You, our supporters, are the backbone of this organization. We thank you so much for your ongoing support, time, and efforts, and we’re so excited to have you on this journey with us.