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On September 1, Texas’s extreme abortion ban went into effect as reproductive and sexual rights advocates from across the country watched in horror. Iowans responded with advocacy and resistance, many choosing to put pen to paper to fight for safe and legal abortion.

Here is what has been published in the wake of revitalized attacks on access to safe and legal abortion:

Debra Lane, an advocate from Carlisle, Des Moines Register

“There has been much talk about overturning Roe v Wade, the law of this land since 1973. That would be a terrible mistake. Women would once again turn to back-alley abortionists or perform self-abortions, with disastrous results. Women will die needlessly from hemorrhaging and infections. Keep abortions legal and safe.”

Sue Ravenscroft, a Planned Parenthood supporter from Ames, Des Moines Register

“Do we want a society where women have no choice over what happens to their bodies? Do we want a society where people routinely file lawsuits against friends for doing what has been done throughout history and declared legal by the Supreme Court? This law deprives women of freedom and makes people distrustful of one another. I fear right-wing Iowa legislators will ignore public approval of legal abortion and imitate Texas.”

Tracey Creason, Planned Parenthood activist from Des Moines, Des Moines Register

“Iowa is not far behind as our governor and Legislature continue to push their personal beliefs, not medical facts, to prevent people from making decisions about their reproductive health care. 

Iowans and all Americans have the right to make reproductive decisions for themselves.”

Eileen Tyrrell, Iowa State Student, Iowa State Daily

“I don’t need to work hard to summon the anger I feel over this new law. I actually don’t need to work at all. It is always curdling just beneath the surface of my skin.  

S.B.8 is unconscionably cruel. But it is also arrogant. It lets lawmakers assume the mantle of decision-making for women in place of doctors, other medical professionals and women themselves. Lawmakers who have likely never been in a high-risk obstetrics ward, who have never had to decide between getting an abortion or possibly dying and abandoning their already-alive child, have hubristically decided that they know best.” 


Hannah Pinski, University of Iowa student and the Daily Iowan Opinions and Amplify editor, The Daily Iowan

“Yes, obvious concerns about Texas’ new law are increases in unsafe abortion and the fact most women don’t know they’re even pregnant at week six.

But the kind of precedent it’s setting for victims of sexual violence across the nation is a dangerous notion, considering the trauma they face from our culture and failures from institutions and the criminal justice system.”


We are thankful for the Iowans who see the Texas law for what it is: a threat to abortion access everywhere. As attacks continue, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Iowa will stand up and fight— that work is stronger with supporters like you. Sign up today to join Planned Parenthood Advocates of Iowa’s email list to stay in the loop in the fights that lie ahead.


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