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Extreme politicians are attacking reproductive freedom on several fronts in Iowa to achieve their ultimate goal: to ban abortion in our state. Right now, there is an abortion ban case making its way through the courts, a constitutional amendment in progress, and next month we expect to see anti-abortion legislation proposed during the first legislative session since Roe v. Wade was overturned.  

We will never back down. We’re committed to staying diligent and defending against any tactic threatening the reproductive rights of Iowans. We cannot do this work without supporters like you, so let’s get you up to speed on what’s happening with abortion in Iowa.  

An Active Court Case 

There is an active court case concerning a six-week abortion ban that was passed in 2018 but never went into effect because it was blocked by a permanent injunction in District Court. Since then, a case from the Iowa Supreme Court weakened state protections for abortion and Roe v. Wade overturned the federal right to abortion. As a result, Governor Kim Reynolds is attempting to resurrect the court case, asking that it be reconsidered under the new legal landscape. 

Let’s be clear, a six-week abortion ban is extreme and dangerous. Most people do not know they are pregnant at six weeks, so the bill would effectively ban safe and legal abortion with such extreme restrictions. Several litigants, including Planned Parenthood’s local affiliate and its national organization, are partnering closely to protect abortion access in this case.  

The Constitutional Amendment 

Politicians determined to ban abortion in our state are also working to change the Iowa constitution to pave the path for even more restrictions or even a total ban on abortion. The amendment process has already passed its first hurdle: passing both the Iowa House and Senate in 2021. Legislators must pass it again in 2023 or 2024 before it goes on a ballot for Iowa voters to decide.  

A growing majority of Iowans support safe, legal abortion, so this effort to amend the state constitution is extreme politicians pushing their narrow, unpopular agenda over the health and well-being of Iowans. 

The Upcoming Legislative Session 

Iowans organized and helped elect several key reproductive freedom champions to office who will serve as leaders in the fight against the many harmful bills expected to be introduced in the 2023 legislative session. Without federal protections for abortion and limited protections under the state constitution, we can expect politicians to reintroduce previously blocked bills because there is a much easier path to passing anti-abortion legislation.

The Road Ahead

While there are many frontiers anti-choice politicians are using to restrict reproductive freedom, we are determined to protect abortion access in every way we can. Iowans deserve to make their own private health care decisions without political interference.  

We know Iowans are on our side. We must come together to realize a better future for our state, and we need your help to build our movement. We need sustained support from as many Iowans as possible to protect reproductive freedom. Now that you understand the complexities of the state of abortion access in Iowa, please help grow our community of activists by sharing this information with friends and family.  


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