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PPMM Public Affairs Dir. Candelaria Vargas
Sacramento/Stockton/Alameda County

Candelaria Vargas is a proud third-generation resident of the Central Valley and granddaughter of migrant farm workers. She is an accomplished political and community organizer committed to working to improve the lives of families, especially reconstructing systems that marginalize communities of color.


Vote NO on the recall. It’s dangerous for our communities!

My people are dying. With the spread of the new COVID-19 Delta variant and the widespread disinformation and misinformation campaigns aimed at deterring people from receiving the single most effective life-saving tool against the virus –the vaccine—my people are dying.

Our children are being left orphaned, and something can be done about it. Medical professionals are overwhelmed and out of breath from urging people to get vaccinated. They are exhausted from ICUs being filled beyond capacity and relentlessly caring for folks whose illnesses and deaths are completely preventable.

But instead of coming together to keep our people and communities from perishing or being scarred with life-long effects of the virus, recall proponents have decided to force our government to spend millions of dollars to hold a recall campaign against our governor, who has made California a national leader in taking aggressive steps to combat the virus.  

I’m frustrated and livid that rather than joining with neighbors and community partners to end this pandemic and truly help our people, political rivals have launched a campaign of lies and condemned so many of us to sicken and die for a chance to establish their own political power.

I’m upset that instead of being able to focus in unison on defeating this virus, our attention is being diverted to something as selfish and potentially dangerous as the recall election.

This is not the moment. We have an election NEXT YEAR, when Californians will have a chance to vote again for governor. The recall is a waste of time and resources. It’s just a way for political power- grabbers to sneak an election past our communities that are already overburdened and hurting from taking on this pandemic.

And, you might ask, what do these politicians want to do if they win? Gut or eliminate our health care-- during a deadly pandemic -- ban abortion, and end financial assistance for families in need. To top it off, their leading candidate wants to remove environmental protection laws, doesn’t believe there should be a minimum wage, wants to end gun-safety measures -- and is an outspoken anti-vaxxer.

This September 14, 2021, there is an election to recall our progressive governor. Vote ‘No’ on the recall and send your ballot in as soon as possible.

Mail ballots will be sent out as soon as Monday, August 16.

Register to vote before August 30 at RegisterToVote.ca.gov!  

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