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Ballot Measures

City of Oakland Measure Q Shall the measure to authorize the City of Oakland to develop, construct, or acquire, or assist the development of, up to 13,000 low rent residential units in social housing projects within the City for the purpose of providing affordable rental housing be adopted? Yes on Measure Q
City of Oakland Measure R replace language in city charter to gender neutral terms--Shall the measure to amend the City Charter to replace gender-specific language with gender neutral language, such as replacing words like "fireman" with "firefighters" and using gender-neutral pronouns in referring to City officers and staff, recognizing that women and non-binary persons as well as men are qualified for and hold such positions, and to avoid gender stereotyping and discrimination, and promote inclusivity be adopted? Yes on Measure R
City of Oakland Measure S allow noncitizen residents who are parents, guardians, legally recognized caregivers to vote in school board elections.-- Shall the measure to amend the City Charter to allow the City Council by adopting an ordinance, to authorize voting by noncitizen residents, who are the parents, legal guardians, or legally recognized caregivers of a child, for the Office of Oakland School Board Director if they are otherwise eligible to vote under state and local law be adopted? Yes on Measure S
City of Oakland Measure U  Shall the measure to improve public safety and invest in Oakland by creating affordable housing for Oaklanders, increasing housing for homeless Oaklanders, repaving streets to remove potholes, improving traffic/pedestrian safety, and updating fire stations and other public facilities, by issuing $850,000,000 in general obligation bonds, raising approximately $85,000,000 annually while bonds are outstanding at the rate of $0.071 per $100 ($71 per $100,000) of assessed value, with independent oversight and annual audits be adopted? Yes on Measure U
City of Oakland Measure V  extend eviction protections.-- Shall the Measure amending the Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance to: (1) prohibit no-fault evictions of children and educators during the school year; (2) extend eviction protections to tenants in recreational vehicles (RVs), tiny homes on wheels, and newly constructed units except during the first 10 years after issuance of the certificate of occupancy; (3) remove failure to sign a new lease as grounds for eviction; and (4) make other clarifying amendments, be adopted? Yes on Measure V
City of Sacramento Measure L Shall the City of Sacramento Charter be amended to establish a redistricting commission that is independent of the city council and that has sole authority for establishing council districts, and to establish processes for selection of commission members and for the commission’s adoption of council district maps Yes on Measure L
Fresno County Measure C Renew Measure C, a countywide half-cent sales tax for transportation programs and improvements No on Measure C
South San Francisco Measure DD The measure will provide universal preschool and childcare to all children ages 2.5 – 5 years old whose families live or work in South San Francisco. The measure will be funded by a parcel tax that is only applicable to owners of commercial offices with 25,000+ square feet within SSF. Yes on Measure DD
Nevada Question 1 Equal Rights Amendment. Adds a new section to the Nevada Constitution that states, "Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by this State or any of its political subdivisions on account of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, ancestry or national origin. Yes on Question 1
California Proposition 1 Constitutional right to reproductive freedom. Amends California Constitution to expressly include an individual’s fundamental right to reproductive freedom, which includes the fundamental right to choose to have an abortion and the fundamental right to choose or refuse contraceptives.  Yes on Proposition 1