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Now more than ever, it's crucial that we work to elect champions of reproductive freedom.

The Boards of Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes and Advocates of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri vote to endorse ballot measures and candidates for statewide office, the Missouri Legislature, and county offices. Planned Parenthood Action Fund votes to endorse candidates for federal office. Scroll down for the full list of endorsed issues and candidates in Missouri.

The endorsement process is ongoing. If you're a candidate, please contact us for more information.

An asterisk indicates the candidate is the incumbent.


Planned Parenthood Action Fund endorses candidates for federal office. See the full list here.

Joe Biden Jr.


Governor: Nicole Galloway

Lt. Governor: Alissia Canady

Secretary of State: Yinka Faleti

State Treasurer: Vicki Englund

Attorney General: Rich Finneran and Elad Gross


Amendment 2: Yes on Medicaid Expansion

Amendment 3: No on Dirty Missouri


Planned Parenthood Action Fund endorses candidates for federal office. See the full list here.

Congressional District 1: William "Lacy" Clay*

Congressional District 2: Jill Schupp

Congressional District 5: Emmanuel Cleaver*


Senate District 1: Doug Beck

Senate District 7: Greg Razer

Senate District 9: Barbara Anne Washington

Senate District 11: John "J.J." Rizzo*

Senate District 13: Tommie Pierson, Jr.

Senate District 15: Deb Lavender

Senate District 17: Lauren Arthur*

Senate District 19: Judy Baker

Senate District 23: Richard Orr


House District 12: Wade Hugh Kiefer

House District 14: Ashley Aune

House District 15: Maggie Nurrenbern

House District 16: James Shackelford

House District 18: Wes Rogers*

House District 19: Ingrid Burnett*

House District 24: Emily Weber

House District 25: Patty Lewis

House District 26: Ashley Bland Manlove*

House District 27: Richard Brown*

House District 28: Jerome Barnes*

House District 30: Art Schaaf

House District 31: Rhonda Dolan

House District 35: Keri Ingle*

House District 36: Laura Loyacono

House District 37: Annette Turnbaugh

House District 44: Jacque Sample

House District 45: Kip Kendrick*

House District 46: Martha Stevens*

House District 50: Kari Chesney

House District 53: Connie Simmons

House District 60: Joshua Dunne

House District 64: Aaliyah Bailey

House District 65: Bill Otto

House District 66: Thomas Bradley and Marlene Terry

House District 68: Jay Mosley*

House District 69: Gretchen Bangert*

House District 70: Paula Brown*

House District 71: LaDonna Appelbaum*

House District 72: Doug Clemens*

House District 73: Raychel Proudie*

House District 74: Mike Person*

House District 75: Alan Gray*

House District 78: Rasheen Aldridge, Jr.*

House District 79: LaKeySha Bosley*

House District 80: Peter Merideth*

House District 83: Jo Doll and Tyler Merkel

House District 84: Wiley (Chip) Price, IV*

House District 85: Kevin Windham, Jr.*

House District 87: Ian Mackey*

House District 88: Tracy McCreery*

House District 89: Luke Barber

House District 90: Barbara Phifer

House District 91: Sarah Unsicker*

House Distric 92: Michael Burton

House District 94: Jean Pretto

House District 95: Ann Zimpfer

House District 96: Erica Hoffman

House District 98: Angie Schaefer

House District 99: Trish Gunby*

House District 100: Helena Webb

House District 102: Tracy Grundy

House District 104: Jessica DeVoto

House District 105: Christine Hyman

House District 106: Cindy Berne

House District 108: Susan Shumway

House District 126: Jim Hogan

House District 128: Marvin Manring

House District 131: Allison Schoolcraft

House District 132: Crystal Quade*

House District 133: Cindy Slimp

House District 134: Derrick Nowlin

House District 135: Betsy Fogle

House District 137: Raymond Lampert

House District 145: Mike Lindley

House District 147: Andy Leighton

House District 158: Brenda McKinney


City of St. Louis Circuit Attorney: Kim Gardner*

City of St. Louis Treasurer: Tishaura Jones*

St. Louis County Executive: Dr. Sam Page* and Jake Zimmerman

St. Louis County Council, District 2: Kelli Dunaway*

St. Louis County Council, District 4, Rochelle Walton Gray*

Election Information

Primary Election:

Tuesday, August 4


General Election Day:

Tuesday, November 3

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