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Gov. Greitens says he wants to cut red tape

Gov. Eric Greitens has just launched a new campaign to cut red tape, #NoMoRedTape. 

What's red tape? According to the governor, red tape "refers to regulations or other government rules or processes that unnecessarily burden individuals and businesses while doing little to protect or improve public health and safety."

The governor is asking citizens for help: "Help Missouri agencies separate the red tape from the good rules."

...but he just added 30+ pages of new red tape by signing Senate Bill 5, a TRAP law.

TRAP laws — targeted regulation of abortion providers — are dangerous and deceptive laws designed to sound like reasonable efforts to protect patients, but they are actually medically unnecessary and only serve to make it more difficult for a woman to access safe, legal abortion.

Using Gov. Greitens’ definition, Senate Bill 5 is nothing but red tape.

Let's help Gov. Greitens cut red tape by stopping TRAP laws!

Senate Bill 5's 30+ pages of TRAP laws are the definition of red tape. They will increase the unnecessary burden on Missourians, while doing nothing to protect their health or safety.

Senate Bill 5 adds to the extensive web of TRAP laws that has left Missouri women who seek safe, legal abortion with just one provider in the entire state.

Tell Gov. Greitens: Want #NoMoRedTape? Then #NoMoTRAPLaws!