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OMAHA, NEBRASKA—As Nebraskans have watched Texas implement the most extreme abortion ban in the country’s history, advocates and supporters have come together in the fight to protect and expand access to sexual and reproductive health care, including abortion, in Nebraska. 

Organizations and abortion advocates spoke out Friday during a news conference about restrictions that already hamper abortion access, the political climate in Nebraska and nationwide, and the future of abortion access across Nebraska.  

 Since the Texas abortion ban, S.B. 8, took effect last week, Nebraskans have joined the fight to protect and expand reproductive rights and health care in the state. Advocates and supporters are already reaching out to local senators to voice their support for safe, legal abortion and reproductive rights. 
Abby Johnson, Nebraska Resident and Abortion Advocate

“My experience of trying to access abortion care made me think, how blue in the face does someone have to be to convince a doctor that their life is in danger? How far does someone in western Nebraska have to drive to receive the health care they so desperately need? How do cash-strapped people afford not only an abortion but to travel, stay in a hotel, pay for childcare and take time off work?”

Andi Curry Grubb, State Director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Nebraska
“Be assured that Planned Parenthood will always stand up for  patients and Nebraska communities. It’s up to us to fight back in this new era of attacks on reproductive rights. We are committed to making sure Nebraskans —and everyone in this country—can access the health care they need, including abortion, no matter what.”

Ashlei Spivey, Director of I Be Black Girl
“We deserve a community, city and state that honors our rights and does not limit our access, choice and decision making in any area, especially that of health care.”

Scout Richters, Legal & Policy Counsel at the ACLU of Nebraska 
“While the Supreme Court has in no way signed off on Texas’ extreme and unconstitutional ban, their unwillingness to halt its implementation at this stage shows us what’s happening in Texas could all too easily happen here unless we act. Now is the time for Nebraskans to tell their state senators that they expect them to stop the bans and start respecting the fact that Nebraskans have a constitutional right to make their own decisions about abortion.”

State Sen. Megan Hunt, District 8
“Reproductive health care champions in the legislature have in recent years introduced proactive legislation to expand Nebraskans’ access to health care, including making birth control more easily accessible and providing rape survivors with emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy. And, in 2022, we will continue that work. I will be working advocates to introduce legislation that is proactive and addresses racial justice, class issues, and workers’ rights. These issues are all interconnected and, in the end, bolster Nebraskans’ access to reproductive health care.”


Planned Parenthood Advocates of Nebraska Action Fund, formerly PP Voters of Nebraska, is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization. As the advocacy and electoral arm of PPNCS, we mobilize supporters of all parties to defend and increase access to family planning services and fact based, medically accurate sexuality education. We work to inspire and engage citizens to take up the cause of reproductive health and rights through education, electoral activity, grassroots organizing and legislative advocacy.
For over 50 years in Nebraska, the ACLU has worked in courts, legislatures, and communities to protect the constitutional and individual rights of all people. With a nationwide network of offices and millions of members and supporters, we take up the toughest civil liberties fights. Beyond one person, party, or side — we the people dare to create a more perfect union.
I Be Black Girl (IBBG) is a collective that leads with boldness, innovation, and inspiration, actively creating a radical change-making culture that centers Black women, femmes and girls to access their full potential. IBBG is fiscally sponsored by the Women's Fund of Omaha.



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