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OMAHA, NEBRASKA—Today, our nation’s most extreme abortion ban takes effect in Texas, marking a grave era in which safe and legal abortion is at extreme risk. The law, S.B. 8, bans abortion at six weeks, before most know they are pregnant, and empowers private citizens to sue abortion providers and private citizens who “aid and abet” an abortion.  

“We are entering an unprecedented era in our country ,” said Andi Curry Grubb, State Executive Director for Nebraska “This egregious overreach by Texas lawmakers criminalizes abortion and pits neighbors against neighbors, while laying the groundwork for other states to follow suit. Abortion remains safe and legal in Nebraska. But the fight is just beginning. we need to raise our voices to make sure the Nebraska Legislature protects our reproductive freedom.” 

The Texas law comes as the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) is set to hear Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health this fall, a Mississippi case that is a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade, the decision that established the right to abortion. Abortion remains legal in the United States today, but if SCOTUS significantly weakens Roe, abortion rights would be determined by state law, paving the way for extreme state politicians to ban abortion.

Extremist lawmakers in Nebraska have spent years erecting barriers to abortion access. These draconian restrictions have become harder than ever to pass as Nebraskans have and will continue to show up and fight for their reproductive rights. But their aim is clear.  They have also limited access to contraception by eliminating Planned Parenthood from Title X and they have fought to prevent medically accurate sex education from being taught in our schools. 

These policies exacerbate health inequities by harming people of color, people with low incomes, and those living in rural areas the most. People struggling to make ends meet are often forced to delay accessing contraception and abortion services because they need time to secure the funds. They are also less able to travel out of state to get the care they need.

“The same leaders who are banning abortion are also limiting access to contraception and sex education, all of this together could result in forced pregnancy for some. That is a dangerous path that could have a lasting impact on Nebraskans for generations to come,” Curry Grubb said. “Choosing whether and when to have children is a decision between a Nebraskan, their doctor, family and faith—not politicians. And we know that a majority of people in this country support the right to safe, legal abortion. We must speak out in support for reproductive freedom—before it’s too late.”


Planned Parenthood Advocates of Nebraska Action Fund, formerly PP Voters of Nebraska, is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization. As the advocacy and electoral arm of PPNCS, we mobilize supporters of all parties to defend and increase access to family planning services and fact based, medically accurate sexuality education. We work to inspire and engage citizens to take up the cause of reproductive health and rights through education, electoral activity, grassroots organizing and legislative advocacy.


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