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PPAO Endorsed Candidates – Election: November 8, 2016

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio (PPAO) recently launched its candidate endorsement process for the November 2016 election. Our goal is to showcase those candidates who enthusiastically support women’s reproductive rights and access to healthcare, no matter what. Join Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio in getting out the vote and supporting the candidates that support women’s reproductive rights. Be an active part of the solution and get involved today. More endorsements will be announced in September.


Hillary Clinton - President

Tim Kaine - Vice President

U.S. Senate

U.S. Congress

State Senate

Kirk Halliday

Senate District 2

See Kirk Halliday’s Website

Wiley Runnestrand

Vernon Sykes

Senate District 28

See Vernon Sykes’s Website

Cathy Johnson

Senate District 16

See Cathy Johnson’s Website

Matthew Kirk

Senate District 10

See Matthew Kirk’s Website

Emily Hagan

Senate District 24

See Emily Hagan’s Website

State Representatives

Brittany Bowman

House District 2

See Brittany Bowman’s Website


Kelly Wicks

House District 3

See Kelly Wicks’s Website


Phillip Robinson

Kent Smith

House District 8

See Kent Smith’s Website

Stephanie Howse

Nickie Antonio

House District 13

See Nickie Antonio’s Website

Nicholas Celebrezze

Tommy Greene

House District 16

See Tommy Greene’s Website

Adam Miller

House District 17

See Adam Miller’s Website

Kristin Boggs

House District 18

See Kristin Boggs’s Website

Michael Johnston

House District 19

See Michael Johnston’s Website


Heather Bishoff

Ryan Koch

House District 21

See Ryan Koch’s Website

David Leland

House District 22

See David Leland’s Website

Lee Schreiner

House District 23

See Lee Schreiner’s Website

Kristopher Keller

Hearcel Craig

House District 26

See Hearcel Craig’s Website

Joe Otis

House District 27

See Joe Otis’s Website

Jessica Miranda

Brigid Kelly

House District 31

See Brigid Kelly’s Website

Catherine Ingram

Alicia Reece

House District 33

See Alicia Reece’s Website

Emilia Sykes

House District 34

See Emilia Sykes’s Website

Greta Johnson

House District 35

See Greta Johnson’s Website

Bobby McDowall

House District 36

See Bobby McDowall’s Website

Casey Weinstein

Judith Lynn Lee

Fred Strahorn

House District 39

See Fred Strahorn’s Website

James Calhoun

House District 41

See James Calhoun’s Website

David Sparks

House District 43

See David Sparks’s Website

Mike Ashford

House District 44

Teresa Fedor

House District 45

See Teresa Fedor’s Website

Michael Sheehy

House District 46

See Michael Sheehy’s Website

Thomas West

House District 49

See Thomas West’s Website

Suzi Rubin

House District 53

See Suzi Rubin’s Website

Dan Ramos

House District 56

See Dan Ramos’s Website

Michele Lepore-Hagan

Rick Walker

House District 61

See Rick Walker’s Website

Samuel Ronan

House District 62

See Samuel Ronan’s Website

Janet Breneman

House District 67

See Janet Breneman’s Website

Frank Zona

House District 69

See Frank Zona’s Website

Joseph Begeny

House District 71

See Joseph Begeny’s Website

Brian Housh

House District 73

See Brian Housh’s Website

Kathleen Clyde

House District 75

See Kathleen Clyde’s Website

Terri McIntee

House District 76

See Terri McIntee’s Website

Brad Nicodemus

House District 77

See Brad Nicodemus’s Website

Alex Wendt

House District 79

See Alex Wendt’s Website

Mary Harshfield

Scott Crider

House District 86

See Scott Crider’s Website

Lawrence Hartlaub

Sarah Grace

House District 94

See Sarah Grace’s Website