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Virginia Needs Your Vote!

Virginia General Assembly elections happen on November 2nd. Make your voice heard!

Terry McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia


Terry McAuliffe is a proven champion for reproductive rights.

With a more progressive House and Senate, Governor McAuliffe will be able to do more than just be a brick wall against harmful attacks, and can lead the charge in making reproductive health care accessible to all Virginians.

Terry McAuliffe stood up for Virginians as governor on reproductive health issues. And we’re confident that he will do even more as governor with a supportive legislature.

Delegate Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia 


Hala Ayala is a proven progressive who has fought for reproductive health care access in the House of Delegates for years.

Her fights for gender equality and reproductive health equality have contributed to the progress we have made in Virginia over the past few years. Not only has she been a champion in this fight, she already has a plan to protect reproductive rights and expand access to care.


Mark Herring for Attorney General of Virginia 


Attorney General Herring has fought for reproductive rights in the Commonwealth and beyond as our Attorney General.

Not only has he been an ally in Virginia fighting to overturn rules that required abortion providers to meet medically unnecessary regulations that specifically singled them out, he has been involved in amicus briefs and legal arguments that impacted our nation, including fighting state laws that would defund Planned Parenthood.


Pro-Reproductive Health Candidates for House of Delegates 

Candi King (HD-02)

Dustin Wimbish (HD-08)

Bridgette Craighead (HD-09)

Wendy Gooditis (HD-10)

Sam Rasoul (HD-11)

Chris Hurst (HD-12)

Danica Roem (HD-13)

Rhett Deitz (HD-14)

Chance Trevillian (HD-16)

Douglas Ward (HD-18)

Kelly Fowler (HD-21)

Jennifer Kitchen (HD-25)

Debra Gardner (HD-27)

Josh Cole (HD-28)

Annette Hyde (HD-30)

Elizabeth Guzman (HD-31)

David Reid (HD-32)

Paul Siker (HD-33)

Kathleen Murphy (HD-34)

Mark Keam (HD-35)

Ken Plum (HD-36)

David Bulova (HD-37)

Kaye Kory (HD-38)

Vivian Watts (HD-39)

Dan Helmer (HD-40)

Eileen Filler-Corn (HD-41)

Kathy Tran (HD-42)

Mark Sickles (HD-43)

Paul Krizek (HD-44)

Elizabeth Bennett-Parker (HD-45)

Charniele Herring (HD-46)

Patrick Hope (HD-47)

Rip Sullivan (HD-48)

Alfonso Lopez (HD-49)

Michelle Maldonado (HD-50)

Briana Sewell (HD-51)

Luke Torian (HD-52)

Marcus Simon (HD-53)

Rachel Levy (HD-55)

Blakely Lockhart (HD-56)

Sally Hudson (HD-57)

Sara Ratcliffe (HD-58)

Ben Moses (HD-59)

Trudy Berry (HD-61)

Lashrecse Aird (HD-63)

Caitlin Coakley (HD-65)

Katie Sponsler (HD-66)

Karrie Delaney (HD-67)

Dawn Adams (HD-68)

Betsy Carr (HD-69)

Delores McQuinn (HD-70)

Jeff Bourne (HD-71)

Schuyler VanValkenburg (HD-72)

Rodney Willett (HD-73)

Clint Jenkins (HD-76)

Melanie Cornelisse (HD-78)

Nadarius Clark (HD-79)

Don Scott (HD-80)

Jeffrey Feld (HD-81)

Scott Flax (HD-82)

Nancy Guy (HD-83)

Kim Melnyk (HD-84)

Alex Askew (HD-85)

Irene Shin (HD-86)

Suhas Subramanyam (HD-87)

Kecia Evans (HD-88)

Jay Jones (HD-89)

Angelia Williams Graves (HD-90)

Martha Mugler (HD-91)

Jeion Ward (HD-92)

Mike Mullin (HD-93)

Shelly Simonds (HD-94)

Marcia Price (HD-95)

Mark Downey (HD-96)

Linwood Blizzard (HD-99)

Finale Norton (HD-100)

All Eyes Are on Virginia

Control of Virginia’s Statewide Offices and House of Delegates will be decided in our election on November 2nd. We have the opportunity to protect our pro-reproductive health majority — but we need your vote.


Get the Facts About Reproductive Health & Abortion

Politicians who oppose access to abortion in Virginia and beyond are spreading outrageous lies — trying to manipulate voters so they can push an agenda to ban abortion. Here’s how to spot the whoppers and what to know when you hear them.

Important Voting Information

General Election Day is Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

Primary Election Day was Tuesday, June 8, 2021.

Polls will open from 6 a.m. - 7 p.m. Anyone in line at 7:00 p.m. will be allowed to vote.

In Virginia, you must bring an acceptable form of ID with you to vote:

  • A Virginia driver’s license, or other ID issued by the DMV;

  • A U.S. passport or other ID issued by the federal, Virginia, or local government;

  • A tribal enrollment card issued by one of the 11 tribes recognized by Virginia;

  • An employee ID card issued in the ordinary course of business;

  • A military ID;

  • A student ID issued by a Virginia college or public or private high school;

  • A nursing home resident ID, if issued by a government facility;

  • A free photo ID card issued by the Department of Elections.

A valid ID means that it is genuine and is not expired for more than 12 months.


Get My State Election Info

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Register to Vote

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Volunteer for Planned Parenthood in Virginia

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