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Women's Health is on the Line  

There's a special election coming on November 6th and women's health is on the ballot.  


Because Rep. Andre Jacque has made a name for himself in the Wisconsin Assembly by writing policies that hurt women and families in Wisconsin.

This is Andre Jacque's record:  

1.   He proposed a constitutional ban on forms of birth control.

It's hard to believe, but Republicans work overtime to block access to birth control, and that includes Andre Jacque's attempt to ban some of the most effective and popular contraceptive methods, like IUDs. 


2.   He led the charge to defund Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin. 

That's right, Andre Jacque is so passionate about taking away your health care that he blocked funding from Planned Parenthood for preventive services like well woman exams, STD testing and treatment, education and birth control.   


3.   He sponsored a bill that repealed WI's medically accurate sex education policy.

Comprehensive, age-appropriate sex ed is the best way to give young people the tools they need to make healthy decisions. Unfortunately for Wisconsinites, Andre Jacque disagrees. He sponsored a bill that rolled back requirements that schools teach students about all aspects of reproductive health – including how to prevent pregnancy and protect against STDs. 


4.   He authored a bill that would have made Wisconsin's OB/GYN shortage even worse.

According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, more than a third of the counties in Wisconsin don't have an OB/GYN provider. That's a serious shortage. Andre Jacque wrote a bill that would put the University of Wisconsin's world class OB/GYN residency training at risk – meaning even fewer OB/GYNs in Wisconsin.  


5.   He wants to get between a woman and her doctor. 

When it comes to interfering in the doctor-patient relationship and putting up unnecessary barriers to abortion care, Andre Jacque is your guy. He wants to make all abortion illegal, but since he can't do that, he's made his career in the Assembly all about making accessing abortion more difficult.  

Rep. Andre Jacque doesn't live in reality. Now, he wants to be YOUR state senator.  

Rep. Andre Jacque has taken every opportunity to make getting information and accessing health care more difficult for women in Wisconsin. Let's make sure he doesn't have the chance to keep pushing his anti-women's health agenda in the Senate. Be a Voter on November 6th

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