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Protect abortion access in Alaska by voting NO on the Constitutional Convention.

Extremist lawmakers want to use the Constitutional Convention to eliminate Alaska's right to abortion. If voters approve the convention, anything and everything in our state constitution is up for grabs, including our right to abortion. 

Alaskans must reject this attempt to strip us of our rights. Vote NO on Ballot Measure 1!

Learn more about Ballot Measure 1, which asks voters to approve or reject a Constitutional Convention:

Our state constitution is what protects our right to abortion in the state of Alaska.

Even after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and eliminated the federal right to abortion, abortion remains legal in Alaska because our state constitution explicitly includes the right to privacy and equal protection. The Alaska Supreme Court has held that the state’s constitutional right to privacy protects our right to abortion and reproductive autonomy.

Extremist lawmakers have previewed what they would do if they have the chance to open up our constitution: legislators have already introduced a constitutional amendment that would explicitly remove the right to abortion from the constitution. If a Constitutional Convention is convened, there should be no doubt extremists will attempt to eliminate the freedom to determine our own futures.

We all deserve to make decisions about our own bodies, lives, families, and futures.

In Alaska, our individual rights and freedoms are core to who we are. We deserve the right to access the health care we need, without government interference.

People who are denied a wanted abortion are more likely to suffer negative health outcomes, including increased maternal and infant mortality, and are more likely to stay tethered to abusive partners. They are also more likely to fall into poverty and be less financially secure, which decreases their overall health. 

Eliminating our right to abortion would continue a legacy of racism and reproductive coercion.

People with means will always be able to access the care they need. It is people with low incomes or without savings — who are more likely to be Black, Indigenous, and Latino due to generations of racist public policies — who will be unable to get the care they need.

These communities, including American Indian and Alaska Native people, have endured a history of state-controlled reproduction, coercion, and denial of bodily autonomy. Banning abortion in the state would continue this legacy by denying people of color the ability to meaningfully consider all options available to them, threatening their health and lives in the process.

A Constitutional Convention is wasteful and unnecessary.

A Constitutional Convention would cost an estimated $17 million dollars. That money should serve our communities.

Alaska is experiencing public health crises on multiple fronts, including an ongoing pandemic, a rising sexually transmitted infection (“STI”) crisis, and pervasive structural racism. Yet, instead of helping people get the care they need and stay afloat during COVID, lawmakers are spending their time waging an all-out attack on abortion and on our constitution. Spending time and money on a Constitutional Convention is not only wasteful, it is dangerous to our basic rights and freedoms.

People in Alaska support bodily autonomy and access to abortion care.

Alaska voters support increased access to health care. Nearly 80% say they would have doubts about a law that bans abortion care. But a Constitutional Convention could do just that — eliminate our right to abortion!

Alaska people know that access to abortion is critical to their health, the health of their families, and the stability of their communities. 


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