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Jason Nemes is too extreme for Kentucky.

Vote by November 8th to keep him out of the Kentucky State House!

Jason Nemes (R)
State House, District 33

We’re losing control over our bodies and futures because extremists like Jason Nemes continue to vote to restrict our private health care decisions. Nemes voted 17 times to ban abortion — he even voted against exemptions for survivors of rape and incest.

At a time when we should be expanding health care access, Nemes voted to take away health care repeatedly, including voting to ban abortion outright. He also voted to take away food assistance from Kentucky children during a pandemic.


Kate Turner (D)
State House, District 33

Kate Turner has experienced firsthand how important it is to protect reproductive health care. She has pledged to protect access to abortion care and birth control. “Politicians have no place in the decision on when a patient should have access to any reproductive care, including abortion,” she says

Vote by November 8th to send her to the House!

Kentucky Candidate Endorsements

Planned Parenthood Action Kentucky PAC supports state and local candidates who consistently take responsible positions on reproductive health care, including abortion, birth control and sex education. Through our endorsement process we find, educate, endorse, and support candidates who will join us in standing with Planned Parenthood, our patients, and the communities we serve as we work in pursuit of sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice for all people.

Planned Parenthood Action Kentucky Endorsed – 2022
Planned Parenthood Action Fund Endorsed - 2022

Charles Booker (D)

U.S. Senate

Planned Parenthood Action Fund Endorsed - 2022

Morgan McGarvey (D)

U.S. House

Kentucky Senate

Karen Berg (D)

Senate District 26

Brian Easley (D)

Senate District 6

Kentucky House

Pam Stevenson (D)

House District 43

Lisa Willner (D)

House District 35

Keturah Herron (D)

House District 42

Rachel Roberts (D)

House District 67

Cherlynn Stevenson (D)

House District 88

Nima Kulkarni (D)

House District 40

Tina Bojanowski (D)

House District 32

Josie Raymond (D)

House District 41

Pam Dossett (D)

House District 8

Dr. Brittney Hernandez-Stevenson (D)

House District 15

Kate Turner (D)

House District 33

Sarah Stalker (D)

House District 34

Elaine Wilson-Reddy (D)

House District 54

Chris Brown (D)

House District 69

Tommy Adams (D)

House District 73

Lindsey Burke (D)

House District 75

Chad Aull (D)

House District 79

Lamin Swann (D)

House District 93

Maria Sorolis (D)

House District 48

Louisville Mayor

Craig Greenberg (D)