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Voices of Planned Parenthood

Our communities are being attacked from all angles. Every day it seems we are staring down a different fight. Whether it’s the cruel and inhumane separation of families at our borders, the unconstitutional denial of entry into this country based on one’s faith, or allowing fake clinics to lie to those who walk in their doors.

We now have to fight to save the Supreme Court. Senator Lisa Murkowski has stood with us before and we need her to do it again. The future of Roe v. Wade depends on it.

Voices of care, education, and activism in Alaska

Planned Parenthood patients and supporters from Alaska have shared their stories about how their lives have been changed for the better — sometimes even saved — by a visit to a Planned Parenthood health center. Share yours too.


Having Planned Parenthood has helped me plan and choose when it’s the right time to have another child.  I don’t know what I’d do without it.  Planned Parenthood should be available for all Alaskan women to help choose when it’s right for us all to start our own families.

Share your Story

Your voice can make a difference. Whether it's affordable birth control or the right to safe and legal abortion, tell us why these services matter to you. 



They made it possible to receive health care in ways that changed my life without having a pocket full of money at the time it was need the most!!


I am one of the many people who Planned Parenthood provided vital healthcare to when I was uninsured and poor.  Now I am proud to support Planned Parenthood and tell the world about how important their work is!


Planned Parenthood has been my go to for reproductive health care for 10 years!  They offer affordable healthcare and many free services for low income patients.  I have benefited from these services which include pap smears, cancer checks, and STD testing.


My first PP visit was to receive a long term birth control I couldn't otherwise afford.  PP has since been a trusted provider for my birth control needs and now for my 15 year old daughter.

Kenai Peninsula

If it weren't for Planned Parenthood, I wouldn't have access to affordable birth control. There have been other times where I wouldn't have had any insurance to cover birth control, Plan B, and STD treatment. They have saved my life from taking dark turns.


I received no sex ed in school. Fortunately, I started volunteering with Planned Parenthood in college and began learning much more than the absolute basics of contraception and safe sex, which I had managed to find out mostly through word of mouth in high school. Thanks to Planned Parenthood, I am now able to pass on information on safe sex and STI testing to my friends and others I know who also did not receive sex ed in schools.


I’m so grateful that I had easy access to safe abortion care. Planned Parenthood made a less than ideal situation, the best experience it would be. I have nothing but good things to say regarding my care.

I do not regret having my abortion. It was the right thing to do for me. I’m very fortunate to have been able to make that decision without jumping through hoops.

I will always support Planned Parenthood, now and forever. I will fight to keep Planned Parenthood’s doors open for every person who seeks access to safe abortion care. As these bodies are ours, we are the ones who get to make the choice. Nobody else can take that away.