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by Cameron Brewer, Vice President, Black Lives Matter Oklahoma City

Every year in January, our nation celebrates the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  His tireless fight for the civil rights of Black Americans continues to inspire modern movements for justice and equality.  It has been with the same hope of ridding the world of injustice that Black Lives Matter has endeavored to bring this fight back into the forefront of our nation’s consciousness.  While criminal justice reform remains one of our main focuses, our ultimate goal is to see a broad array of rights protected, both legally and culturally.  It is in this goal that we find our connection with the mission of Planned Parenthood Great Plains.  

For over 100 years, Planned Parenthood has sought to ensure that access to sexual and reproductive health care is guaranteed to all who seek it.  This commitment has often been at odds with the policy objectives of those in power, but has been crucial and even life saving for many.  We at Black Lives Matter OKC stand with PPGP, affirmed in the organization’s belief that health care and family planning services are rights that everyone should have access to.  

In addition to the many health services that the organization provides, Black Lives Matter OKC supports many of the advocacy and legislative initiatives championed by Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes (PPGPV).  PPGPV’s willingness to stand up for the right to plan a family and to ensure the healthy and safe development of a family, are ideas that resonate with many of BLM OKC’s core beliefs.   Both of our organizations have a mutual interest in addressing social justice issues, including environmental and legal justice reforms.  We share a definitive connection in believing that our families have a right to clean water and a justice system that recognizes every individual’s basic human rights.

If the efforts of the our current Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act have demonstrated anything,  it is that the establishment of coalitions to fight for these and other rights are now more important than ever.  If any of us want to make sure that future generations have the access to these rights, we must band together to make our voices heard.  As we at Black Lives Matter OKC continue to fight for the dream of a better world that Dr. King envisioned, we wish to make known our support of an organization engaging in the same fight for justice.  This Martin Luther King Day, BLM OKC is proud to be supported by, and we show support for Planned Parenthood, an organization truly dedicated to the maxims of justice and equality for all.