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“Abortion is Medical! Not Political!”, the crowd chanted at the steps of the Supreme Court of the United States. A crowd of close to 4,000 pro-choice activists and advocates filled the block on which the highest court convened to hear arguments in the most important abortion related case in a generation. For four hours, speakers spanning all races, ethnicities, sexual and gender identities, religious beliefs and political leanings spoke loud and proud in support of abolishing medically unnecessary laws that restrict access to abortion.

“STOP THE SHAM!” the masses screamed – sham laws that have been denounced by the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). From laws that require abortion providers obtain hospital admitting privileges to building code requirements that dictate hallway widths and closet sizes, these sham laws known as “TRAP” (Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers) laws have nothing to do with a woman’s health or safety.

“Separation of Church and State!” Pro-Choice supporters emphatically outnumbered and out-voiced anti-choice, fear mongers who tried hard, to no avail, to disrupt the rally. Some pro-choice people even held clever signs directing humor towards opposition.

Missouri’s story was represented well with Think Progress, Glamour Magazine, RH Reality Check, KCUR, Columbia Missourian and Columbia Tribune telling the story of how TRAP restrictions have affected Planned Parenthood’s ability to provide care in the Show Me State.

“ROE V. WADE IS HERE TO STAY!” It is important for others to know that medically unnecessary laws restrict women from safe abortions. Missouri has experienced this and now women from across the country and in Texas face that reality, a reality that is in the Supreme Court justices’ hands. Though it’s been decades since Roe v. Wade, a woman’s right to abortion has evolved into a question of whether a woman has access to abortion. Without the latter, the first is beside the point.

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