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The constitutional right to safe, legal abortion is under attack in Kansas and Oklahoma. Lawmakers are proposing amendments to both states’ constitutions with the goal of rolling back protections for abortion access. These are extreme attacks to restrict a safe health care service that one in four women will have in their lifetime.

In Oklahoma, SB 195 will ask voters to approve a constitutional amendment that says Oklahoma’s constitution does not protect a woman’s right to abortion. The bill sponsors’ goal is to strip away women’s rights to reproductive health care and push abortion even further out of reach. SB 195 is only one legislative chamber away from a direct attack on Oklahomans’ constitutional rights.

In Kansas, attempts to change the state constitution are also tangible. This past April, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled in a landmark 6-1 decision affirming the right to abortion in the state constitution. This is what Kansans want: In a November 2018 poll from the AP and Fox News, 54 percent of Kansas voters said they believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases. Still, anti-abortion politicians show no signs of giving up the fight to limit Kansans’ right to abortion: recently, they met twice to discuss and introduce possible constitutional amendment proposals. One of the proposals would grant full civil and human rights to a fetus.

Our state constitutions were created to protect the individual rights of its people. We cannot allow anti-abortion politicians to take away rights from patients — and their constituents.

We hope you’ll join us in fighting back to protect the reproductive rights of Kansans and Oklahomans. Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes is working hard to oppose the constitutional amendments in both states. Get involved by sharing this post and spreading the word about the possible implications of these constitutional amendments. 

You can also make a donation or volunteer in your community to help educate and advocate for protecting abortion rights. 

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