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“The pattern is a familiar one: voters in red states put conservative Republicans in complete control of state government; GOP lawmakers implement their agenda; and the results are discouraging for everyone. We saw it in Louisiana, where former Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) failed, and we’re seeing in Kansas, where Gov. Sam Brownback’s (R) radical experiment is a fiasco.”

From the Rachel Maddow Blog: No coincidence or accident what politicians in Oklahoma are doing.


“Ever since 1973, when the Supreme Court ruled that women have a limited constitutional right to end their pregnancies, states have imposed restrictions designed to curtail that right or make it more difficult to exercise. Two recent examples illustrate the varying levels of intensity with which pro-life activists are trying to chip away at Roe v Wade.”

From the Economist: It’s not just the states of Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma who have found themselves under attack by politicians. Numerous states in the South and Midwest are seeing very similar bills pass through their legislatures in an effort to restrict access to federally legal abortions. 


“In covering global health I’ve found that anything to do with bearing children usually falls on the shoulders of women. Women are expected to track their periods, choose the right kind of birth control, space their pregnancies and, in some circumstances, figure out where to get an abortion — even if it’s illegal in their country.”

From NPR: Allies Matter! Who does the work around reproductive justice and access is often and wrongly presented as  being limited to women. Meet these males upending that idea and going global while they do it.