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Today, the Kansas Senate passed the final version of the bill you know as the "font bill," which was stuffed into the shell of a propane safety bill and voted on without the opportunity for debate or amendment. You probably know a lot about the font part of SB 83, but that's actually the least onerous part of the bill. Senate Bill 83 is unconstitutional, redundant, and medically unnecessary. This bill targets abortion providers by forcing them to include information totally unrelated to patient safety, such as when they graduated from medical school and where they live. It also mandates abortion providers to state whether they have clinical privileges at a nearby hospital, which is not legally required in the state of Kansas nor medically necessary. The Supreme Court of the United States has already ruled hospital privilege requirements are unconstitutional. Lower courts in Kansas have agreed. Mandating abortion providers disclose their hospital relationships, is irrelevant information designed to mislead patients.

Knowing all of that, you probably want to know how your Representative and Senator voted on this terrible legislation. We have you covered. First, go to ksleglookup.org to learn who represents you. Then, check House votes HERE and Senate votes HERE

Now that you know, please act. Email your legislator to tell them thank you or that you're disappointed in their vote. Let them know you'll be voting in 2018. And as always, remind them that you stand with Planned Parenthood. 

Thanks for everything you do to protect access to sexual and reproductive health care. Onward! 

P.S. Need inspiration for your email/phone call to your legislators? Check out our President and CEO Laura McQuade's statement to the media on SB 83: 

“These deeply discriminatory and medically unnecessary regulations force doctors who provide abortions to meet a set not standards not required by any other physicians in the state. It is disgraceful how extreme legislators dominated so much time this legislative session in creating stigmatizing barriers to patients accessing safe, legal abortion. Now is not the time to pass more unlawful restrictions the courts have already struck down.Planned Parenthood Great Plains (PPGP) will continue providing expert, compassionate abortion services in Overland Park and Wichita. PPGP expertly navigates a needlessly complicated landscape designed by politicians, in an effort to ensure patients can access safe, legal abortion. That was true yesterday, and will be true tomorrow."