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We hear this term a lot, but it’s not always clear what it means. Is it bubble baths? Face masks? Meditating? To be honest, it can be all of those things and more!

Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health. With all of the stress of the election, it’s important to reflect on what it is that makes you feel comfortable and happy-and then to actually do those things. We all have busy schedules, but we can spare a few minutes for ourselves every now and then. 

I personally enjoy knitting, watching TV, and going for walks. It isn’t always easy to do those things, though. Sometimes, if I have a ton of work on my plate, I start to feel guilty. “I should be doing this” or “I need to start that.” However, I’m starting to challenge that mentality because it just isn’t very fair. By putting in 100% of my effort into everything and never stopping, I risk using up my battery. 

Think about it: when you try to use old batteries to power the same thing, they don’t work. The same applies to us. Self-care is what helps us recharge. It’s one of the best ways to avoid burnout and renew passion and commitment.

For those who still struggle with this idea, think of someone you care about. If they came up to you, expressing worry or exhaustion, would you tell them to just deal with it and stop bothering you? Well, depending on how your day is going, maybe. But you might also offer solutions; ask them to take some deep breaths, listen to music, or go for a walk (hint: this is all self-care).  If you wouldn’t be dismissive to a friend or family member, you shouldn’t be dismissive to yourself either. You are just as worthy of support, from both others and yourself. 

Remember: work and life are important, but so are you! Taking time to invest in yourself is never a bad thing. In fact, you might find that if you slow down and assess your needs, it’s even easier to get that work done. 

Take a look through the list and links below to see if anything jumps out at you, or if it inspires you to come up with your own list. These times are wild, so it’s even more crucial for you to take care of yourself. And once you start caring for yourself, caring for others becomes more possible too. Good luck! 

Reading | Writing | Going for a walk/run | Deep breathing/Meditation | Drawing | Set Boundaries | Watch a movie | Organizing |  Cleaning  | Take a break from social media | Call/text a friend or family member | Dancing | Baking/Cooking | Journaling |   Budgeting | Time Management | Get enough sleep | Drink Water  |  … and much more! 

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