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From failed bills designed to cut funding for family planning services to the passage of two dangerous bills limiting access to abortion, the 2017 Minnesota Legislative session was tough for reproductive rights. Thanks to YOUR overwhelming energy and the steadfast support of Governor Dayton, reproductive rights remained mostly intact for Minnesotans. 

This year, we’re facing even more challenges, and the legislative session is extra short (three months), so get ready to stand up and fight back even harder than you did in 2017.

Here’s what we’re getting ready to fight:

  • HF 3194 / SF 2849 - A bill that would require providers to offer patients the option of viewing an ultrasound prior to an abortion. Doctors, not politicians, should determine the health care needs of patients. With this bill, politicians are setting standards of medical care.
  • HF 2792 – A bill that would ban abortion at the point of fertilization, confer personhood status on a fertilized egg, and makes performing an abortion a felony crime. This bill is a dangerous, unconstitutional and blatant attempt at turning back 45 years of reproductive rights in the United States. This assault on women would strip away any ability to terminate a pregnancy – with no exception for rape or incest - and effectively ban certain types of birth control.
  • HF 2998 / SF 2644 – A bill that would require the Minnesota Department of Public Safety to create “Choose Life” license plates, with proceeds going to Positive Alternative to Abortion grantees (i.e. crisis pregnancy centers). Proceeds from the license plates would fund groups that actively dissuade or intentionally mislead women about their reproductive health care options. Instead, we should be funding medically accurate efforts to reduce unplanned pregnancies.
  • HF 2814 - A bill that would prohibit research using aborted fetal tissue. While this bill wouldn’t affect Planned Parenthood because we don’t have a fetal tissue donation program, it does further stigmatize abortion.
  • HF 3200 - A bill that would expand inspection requirements for abortion facilities. This is a burdensome restriction that wastes taxpayer dollars since medical providers, including abortion providers, are already inspected by the county.
  • HF 2813 / SF 3039 - A bill that would require providers to retain abortion patient records for 30 years. The intent of this bill is to dissuade women from terminating a pregnancy over fears of what will happen to her private information after 30 years and is yet another unnecessary restriction on abortion providers

But it’s not all bad news. 

  • HF 3453 / SF 3101 (PAC Act) - On March 8, 2018, Rep. Erin Murphy and Sen. Sandy Pappas will formally introduce the Protect Access to Contraception (PAC) Act. The bill requires Minnesota health insurance plans to cover birth control at no out-of-pocket cost. The PAC Act will protect Minnesotans’ access to no-cost contraception from further attacks by the Trump Administration.

>> Send your Minnesota legislators a message urging them to pass the PAC Act

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Send Your Minnesota Legislators a Message Urging Them to Pass the PAC Act

Speak out and make sure your legislator is ready to support the PAC Act to protect no-cost birth control coverage in Minnesota and guarantee the basic right of people in Minnesota to control their own bodies, their families, and their future.


Speak out: doctors, not politicians, should determine the health care needs of patients

Add your name and tell your Minnesota legislators that that you want them to oppose HF 3194 / SF 2849, because patients deserve their physicians’ best medical judgment and counsel, not pilitical interference.

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