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Alison, a self-employed writer, loves being her own boss. But when she started her business a few years ago, she had to jump through a lot more health insurance hoops than she anticipated. She has a pre-existing condition that led to her being denied coverage by private insurance companies, so after her COBRA coverage from her last full-time job ran out, the only health plan she could find had a premium of $550 a month – a hefty expense for a new entrepreneur. “I've had to really tighten my belt to pay my premiums each month,” Alison says. “The plan is great, but I don’t use it much, so I feel like I’m throwing away my premium money.”

Through MNsure, Alison found a health plan with a monthly premium of $221, saving her $329 each month. Her plan also features a reimbursement for her health club membership, an annual eye exam, and an HSA, which will allow her to take advantage of pre-tax savings as part of her business. “I'm looking forward to having the extra cash so I can continue to invest in my health in other ways, like buying organic foods, maintaining a gym membership and using holistic practitioners who aren't part of my coverage.”

 “I'm so happy with my choice,” Alison says. “Being denied health insurance is a very scary thing. I'm thrilled for the many, many people who will finally have peace of mind because they know their loved ones are insured. It’s about time!”


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