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Every day, more news comes out about policies, statements, and actions that threaten our rights, health, and communities. We’ve seen relentless attacks on immigrants and refugees, communities of color, LGBTQ folks, and reproductive rights. We’ve seen Supreme Court decisions with devastating consquences on voting rights, LGTBQ rights, worker’s rights, and abortion rights. And now, the news about Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh feels like a punch in the gut. It feels pretty terrible — like dumpster fire terrible.

Sometimes it can feel like we can’t really do anything that will make a difference, but if we let ourselves think we can’t make a difference, we’re letting them win.

We must turn our despair into determination, our outrage into action, and our energy and resources into fighting back and making change. So, here’s what you can and should do. In order. Right now. 

Step 1: #SaveSCOTUS

Brett Kavanaugh has been named as the nominee for the Supreme Court seat vacated by Justice Kennedy. Make no mistake: if Kavanaugh is confirmed, Roe v. Wade is at stake. Justices serve lifelong terms – and Kavanaugh’s extreme and unpopular stances on everything from the constitutional right to abortion and access to health care for people with pre-existing conditions make his nomination incredibly dangerous.

The good news? The U.S. Senate controls the timing and process of federal judicial nominations, so there IS actually something you can do, right now, and it’s super easy: BLOW UP your senators' phones at 202-224-3121.

Senator Klobuchar and Senator Smith need to hear that their constituents appreciate their commitment to protecting our health and rights and are counting on them to reject Brett Kavanaugh. Don’t like making phone calls? You can do it online instead. No excuses.

Step 2:  Stop the Title X Gag Rule

The Trump-Pence administration has announced a “gag rule” that would restrict access to sexual and reproductive health care and block patients from Planned Parenthood health centers by cutting Title X funds to any health care provider that refers their patients for safe, legal abortion. We’re working with Planned Parenthood supporters across the country to speak out, on the record, against this unethical attack.

It takes less than a minute to add your name, and adding your name is one of the most important ways you can fight back against this dangerous policy.

Step 3: Pledge to Vote

Elections have consequences. Major, monumental consequences that can impact our lives for decades. This November, we get the chance to elect champions who will fight for us at all levels of government. Your vote matters. Yes, yours. Pledge to vote for reproductive health champions this November and make sure that we:

✅ Elect Senator Tina Smith
✅ Re-Elect Senator Amy Klobuchar
✅ Elect a pro-women’s health Governor to replace Governor Mark Dayton
✅ Elect pro-women’s health candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives
✅ Elect pro-women’s health candidates for the Minnesota State Senate
✅ Elect pro-women’s health candidates for the Minnesota House of Representatives

We promise, it feels really good. When you take our pledge, we’ll send you updates about candidates in Minnesota that will fight for our health and rights and ways for you to take action and fight back. You’ll never have to feel like you don’t know how to channel your outrage – we’ve got you covered.

Step 4: Donate

Do you have $5? Do you have $500? We have the political muscle and the grassroots momentum, but we’re in the fight of our lives and we need financial resources to implement the biggest electoral program in our history. Can we count on you to invest your political dollars and protect access to reproductive health in Minnesota? Donate today.

Step 5: Volunteer

Hey, we know times are tough, so if you don’t have any spare funds but still want to help, there are other important ways to contribute! We need all hands on deck to get the word out about candidates that will protect us. Sign up to become a a volunteer to learn about opportunities to get involved and fight back.

Step 6: Self Care

When the stakes feel high, the odds feel impossible, and the people, communities, and organizations that all need help start to feel overwhelming—it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself. This fight is a marathon, not a sprint—so we ALL have to prioritize self care to prevent burn out and exhaustion. Remember, self care is an act of resistance.

Throughout history, movements for justice have always worked against impossible-seeming odds—and the challenges ahead of us are no different. So let’s get to work.

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