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The Election

Minnesota is the last state in the Midwest with a Democratic Governor and 2018 is a year with an especially crowded ballot. Not since 1978 has Minnesota had both senate seats, all the constitutional offices including the Governor’s seat, eight congressional offices and the entire MN house, all on the ballot.

The Stakes

All around us, state legislatures and Governor’s offices have eroded people’s most basic rights. With a supportive Governor, Minnesota has been able to keep important protections in place. In 2018, we must elect a new Governor who will work for the people of Minnesota—not against them. That’s why we’re investing more than ever before in 2018.

The Action Fund

To meet the highest stakes in history head-on, the Action Fund anticipates investing $1.5-2 million thanks to the generous support of our donors. We are making this substantial investment – which is three times the size of our previous campaigns – to ensure Minnesotans can access health care, birth control, safe and legal abortion, and sex education.

Our Program

As trusted leaders in this movement, the Action Fund is uniquely prepared to play a deciding role in 2018. The voters most likely to stay home on Election Day in November are the exact voters we specialize in reaching – and we have the dollars and volunteers to reach them. Since the 2016 election, our ranks have swelled. Action Fund supporters have grown from 39,631 to 76,782 (93% increase) and our Action Fund volunteers have grown from 415 to 1,205 (190% increase.)

Our work is focused on contacting the right people with the most effective messages to move them to vote for pro-women’s health candidates. We’re using tried and true persuasion techniques including voter modeling, message testing, digital organizing technology, canvassing operations, and paid and earned media.

Our Unique Role

Polls show two out of three women swing voters, and 81% of young women voters overall, trust Planned Parenthood when we speak out on behalf of women’s health care. We have the political muscle and the grassroots momentum to protect women’s health in our region—and we’ve got the results to prove it. In the 2014 election, young women voters contacted by Planned Parenthood were twenty points—or 40%—more likely to vote on Election Day.


Get Out the Vote

Planned Parenthood supporters just like you have been stepping up, fighting back, and working to elect pro-Planned Parenthood champions and it's time to double-down. 

#TAKEITBACK Weekend of Action
10/18 Phone Bank
10/20 Canvass
10/21 Canvass

Resist, Persist, Get Out the Vote
10/27 Door Knock

Costume Party
10/30 Phone Bank

Sign Up

Resist, Persist, Vote

Join our movement. Pledge to Resist, Persist, and Vote for reproductive health champions in 2018. We will connect you with the latest ways to fight back against these attacks on our rights and to elect candidates who will uphold our values in 2018.


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