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Name: Sophia

Pronouns: They/Them

Astrological Sign: Leo sun, Leo rising, Pisces moon. (Can you feel the Leo energy?)

Hobbies: Playing french horn, marching band, taking naps, listening to Taylor Swift (folklore is my fav)

Favorite Snack: Dill ranch pretzels

How did you become involved with Planned Parenthood?

I joined a reproductive activism club at my school in my freshmen year and at the end of my sophomore year I was elected president. Our group was already set up as a chapter of Generation Action, so I was grandfathered in. I have been president for two years and I love working with my peers, and connecting with people in Generation Action! Through that work, I found out about Path to Power and it is a perfect fit for me. 

Why is it important for you to advocate for sexual and reproductive health care?

Sexual and reproductive health care access should be a basic human right, but it’s not. I believe people should be able to make decisions that are best for them and have the ability to thrive in their health care environments. I also feel a lack of education around sexual and reproductive health, and that hurts people. I think more education will help lots of people.  

What does your work with Planned Parenthood look like?

This summer, my work at Planned Parenthood has been new and exciting. I’ve met new colleagues, started learning in depth about reproductive health issues, began working on new projects surrounding reproductive justice, and made moves towards my future career. My work with Generation Action takes place during the school year as I lead the Teen Action Group. We work on education about sexual and reproductive health, participate in discussions about related topics, and make connections with leaders in our community. 

What are you most proud of accomplishing in your work with Planned Parenthood?

I am most proud of educating my peers in my work. I think sexual and reproductive education is essential to teen growth with Planned Parenthood and as a global community. Teens clearly can make an impact, as shown through protests, social media, and standing with others. Education is the first step to making a change. One person learns, then they teach someone else, and the education keeps spreading. 

What role do you think young people have in fighting for reproductive freedom and health equity?

Young people are forming our world and will impact us the most when we need to make changes. We are the leaders of the next generation, but we are also the leaders right now. When older generations didn’t step up, we did. We will lead the charge, but we need to know how to do it. 

What advice do you have for someone who wants to get involved in advocating for sexual and reproductive health care?

Just get started! It can be small, like talking to your friends, but that can grow into starting a club or getting involved with Planned Parenthood or political candidates. Nothing is too small, and anything you do will make an impact. Talk about what matters to you, and you will make a difference. 


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