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Introduced by Rep. Abigail Whelan (R-Ramsey) and Sen. Dan Hall (R -Burnsville), HF 2792 / SF 3382 would ban abortion at the point of fertilization, confer personhood status on a fertilized egg, and makes performing an abortion a felony crime.

END OF SESSION UPDATE: The 2018 Minnesota Legislature adjourned on May 21st, and this bill did not meet legislative deadlines. That this bill was introduced is significant. The House version of the bill has 13 authors, meaning that 13 Representatives – people elected to represent every citizen in their district - believe that that politicians should make personal health care decisions for their constituents.  This is an extreme, unacceptable and politically motivated bill and it has no place in Minnesota.

Politicians have no business making health care decisions for Minnesota women. 

This bill is a dangerous, unconstitutional and blatant attempt at turning back 45 years of reproductive rights in the United States.

This assault on women would strip away any ability to terminate a pregnancy – with no exception for rape or incest - and would effectively ban certain types of birth control.

This bill shows how extreme Minnesota politicians have become. In 2018, Republican Representatives are showing their cards: they prefer to spend their time trying to ban abortion and cut access to family planning services rather than ensuring that Minnesotans’ access to no-cost birth control is protected from further attacks by the Trump Administration. These extremist policies are the wrong direction for Minnesota.

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