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We Won't Be Silenced

The Title X gag rule is an unethical attack on the health of Minnesota women and communities. Now is the time to unite, show our power, and make sure everyone gets the health care they want or need, without politicians controlling when, how, or why. 

Title X "Gag Rule"

The Trump-Pence administration has announced a “gag rule” that would restrict access to sexual and reproductive health care and block patients from Planned Parenthood health centers by cutting Title X funds to any health care provider that refers their patients for safe, legal abortion and block patients from care at Planned Parenthood. 

Stop Trump's "Gag Rule"

Title X funding is a major part of our public health infrastructure that provides Minnesotans with the birth control and reproductive health services they need.  

In Minnesota, 53,000 patients across 31 locations – including 51,000 Planned Parenthood patients – rely on Title X-funded clinics for life-saving health care, cancer screening, birth control, and STI testing.

Everyone, regardless of their race, of their income, or where they live, deserves the best medical care and information available. Under this rule, they won’t get it.

The gag rule is an attempt to take away women’s basic rights. Period. 

The Trump-Pence administration’s new rule would block patients from care at Planned Parenthood. It would also prohibit medical providers across the country from being able to refer their patients for safe, legal abortion.

Fight Back Against Trump’s Dangerous Title X Gag Rule

Submit an official comment to the Department of Health and Human Services telling them you oppose this dangerous rule. There will be a six week public comment period, and it is critical that we make our voices heard to the federal government that we oppose this baseless, politically motivated attack on our health and rights.


Can Community Health Centers (CHCs) absorb Planned Parenthood patients? Nope.

As experts have demonstrated over and over again, CHCs don’t have the capacity to absorb the Planned Parenthood patients who would lose access to care without Title X funding. Without Planned Parenthood, there simply aren’t enough providers who offer accessible, comprehensive reproductive health care. Period.

How Title X Funding Works at Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood’s health centers receive federal funds for delivering vital services through Title X, the nation’s family planning program. These are funds that can only be used to support family planning health care for people who often don’t have access to family planning care anywhere else. Without Planned Parenthood, many of these patients wouldn’t get the health care they need to take control of their lives.