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To begin, I am an older woman – 67 years old. I am married and have been so for 32 years to a woman who fully supports my transition. I believe ‘CEK’ has been emerging over the last 7 years or so. Once this thought surfaced, I began to research what it means to be transgender through books and various websites. I knew of hormones and physically transitioning through my independent research and my work with my therapist. I was not at a point of asking my primary care doctor to prescribe the medications for me.

Once I accepted the need to transition, hormone therapy became an absolute requirement for me. I fortuitously stumbled upon Planned Parenthood as a potential resource. I arrived at the Keene office so incredibly nervous and self-conscious (I’m surprised I made it into the office and didn’t pass out at some point), but by the time the appointment was over, I was breathing normally and completely relaxed. In that initial visit I was greeted very warmly and put at ease by the warm and perceived non-judgmental response by the woman who checked me in and verified my information. I was quickly brought into an exam room by another woman and was asked a series of questions. I was consistently reassured that I was in the right place through her words, her kindness, and the entire tone of the conversation; it was completely non-judgmental.

Once the intake was completed, I had a short wait while remaining in the exam room for the Advanced Nurse Practitioner to see me. She was as easy to talk to and as welcoming and reassuring to me, as were the other people there that day. Much to my surprise and delight, she asked me if I wished to begin hormone treatment. I encountered complications, however, in having my prescriptions filled by the pharmacy. The APN was wonderful in getting this resolved between the insurance company and the pharmacy and helping with my anxiety and despair. If it had not been for her persistence and doggedness, I not sure what I would have done. I know my anxiety was sky high.

I am happy to say that I have been on full hormone treatment since May, 2018, and it is with the blessing and knowledge of my primary care doctor. I continue to work with PPNNE for my care, and there have been no adverse reactions! I urge anyone in need of gender-affirming care to make an appointment with PPNNE. In fact, I have recommended this to several people. I have nothing but the utmost respect for the staff and have faith that being a patient at the Keene office I am receiving the best care possible. Suffice it to say, I could not have felt more supported, encouraged, reassured, or welcomed by the women at the Keene Planned Parenthood office. They were each wonderful and wonderful to me.