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As a first-generation American, one of the many reasons my parents wanted to immigrate to the U.S. was that the U.S. is known as “the land of the free.” My parents wanted a better life for me, one that granted me the freedom to make informed decisions about my own health care. However, Governor Sununu’s barrage of attacks on abortion is perverting the American ideals of liberty and freedom.

As we enter 2022, the future of reproductive rights is more uncertain than ever with Roe v. Wade on the line at the Supreme Court. It’s clear that we must take action to protect abortion access now - before it’s too late. That’s why I’m urging the New Hampshire Legislature to repeal Governor Sununu’s abortion ban and pass the Access to Abortion-Care Act.

On Jan. 1, Governor Sununu’s abortion ban went into effect, banning abortion at 24 weeks with no exceptions for fatal fetal diagnoses, rape, or incest. The law criminalizes doctors, eviscerating the patient and provider relationship. The law also mandates ultrasounds for all abortion care at any stage of pregnancy - even if it is not medically necessary, which is an outrageous governmental overreach.

Instead of entering a new year when the clock struck midnight, it felt like we were traveling back in time. New Hampshire should be focused on increasing access to reproductive health care, not stripping Granite Staters of the right to freely make decisions about their own bodies.

Fully repealing Governor Sununu’s abortion ban and passing the Access to Abortion-Care Act are essential steps to protecting Granite Staters’ bodily autonomy. The Access to Abortion-Care Act provides critical protections to ensure that Granite State women and families can work with their doctors to get the health care they need in the majority of situations.

Contact your state senator and representatives today and urge them to repeal Governor Sununu’s abortion ban and ultrasound mandate and pass the Access to Abortion-Care Act.