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This trend sweeping the nation since the Women’s March on Washington: pink pussy hats. Though they come in several different styles, we all know the message those wearing them are sending: women are mistreated in this society, and that must change. In order to get fair treatment, women are refusing to deny their femaleness and femininity. That is why they are embracing and reclaiming the term “pussy” and the color pink as a means of empowerment.

Fargo resident Katy Cox heard about the Pussy Hat Project on Facebook after the election in November. She needed both a way to cope with the results and a way to become active in her community. The project was perfect for her – knitting is therapeutic, the hats were simple to make, and it was a way to utilize her talents to bring the community together.

Katy found the original pattern for the pussy hats online, although she has changed the design to fit the type of yarn, needles, and stitching styles she prefers. She uses two strands of yarn to make the hats warmer and more durable – an especially good thing for North Dakotans.

Each pussy hat takes Katy between one and two hours to knit from start to finish. Since January, she has made 74 pussy hats for people throughout the community. People have offered to purchase the hats from her, or at least cover the cost of materials. Katy says she doesn’t want the donations – instead, she suggests sending a donation to Planned Parenthood. And people have been happy to do so.

While the Women’s March is over, Katy isn’t planning on stopping the project anytime soon. Many plan to wear them at the International Women’s Day March. The hats continue to be a sign of solidarity with women, even when they are worn to the grocery store or to a local town hall meeting. People recognize the hats and that helps lay the groundwork for future political activism.

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