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 State Races  Candidate
State Assembly District 01 Elizabeth Betancourt
State Assembly District 02 Jim Wood
State Assembly District 04 Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
State Assembly District 10 Marc Levine
State Assembly District 11 Jim Frazier
State Assembly District 15 Buffy Wicks
State Assembly District 16 Rebecca Bauer-Kahan
State Assembly District 17 David Chiu
State Assembly District 19 Phil Ting
State Senate District 03 Bill Dodd
State Senate District 07 Steve Glazer
State Senate District 11 Scott Wiener
 Board of Supervisors Races  Candidate
San Francisco District 01 Connie Chan
San Francisco District 01 Marjan Philhour
San Francisco District 03 Aaron Peskin
San Francisco District 03 Danny Sauter
San Francisco District 05 Dean Preston
San Francisco District 05 Vallie Brown 
San Francisco District 07 Myrna Melgar
San Francisco District 07 Emily Murase
San Francisco District 11 Ahsha Safai

Endorsement Process

Planned Parenthood Northern California Action Fund (PPNorCal AF) may choose to endorse candidates for local elected public office in order to elect representatives who will champion Planned Parenthood’s (c)(3) mission.

PPNorCal Action Fund endorses in Board Supervisors, Assembly and Senate elections and other local races as applicable to electoral and strategic goals on a year to year basis. To be endorsed by Planned Parenthood Northern California Action Fund, an incumbent, challenger, or appointee must score a 100% rating, which is achieved by, at a minimum and among other things, agreeing to the following principles and positions:

  • Support the terms of Roe v. Wade and oppose any attempt to weaken or overturn Roe;
  • Support public funding of abortion services, prenatal care, family planning, and other reproductive health care services for all women and all individuals who rely on the government for their health care services;
  • Support the right of minors to confidential family planning, abortion, prenatal care, and sexually transmitted infection screening and treatment services;
  • Support comprehensive, age-appropriate, medically accurate sexuality and HIV/AIDS education in public schools that is medically accurate and free of racial, ethnic, and gender bias;
  • Support requiring the provision of, or referral for, reproductive health care services by any health care entity that receives public funding for providing health care services;
  • Support inclusion of all reproductive health care services, including abortion, in any health plans; and
  • Support enactment of laws, and enforcement of existing laws, that protect reproductive health care providers, their staff and patients, and their families from the ongoing campaign of violence, intimidation, and harassment being waged against them.

In addition, incumbents, challengers or appointees must also achieve 100% scores on candidate questionnaires and legislative scorecards, as applicable. In order to be considered for endorsement, the first step is to complete the questionnaire. 

Please refer to the Endorsement Process Guide

To request a questionnaire please email [email protected]