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Believe Survivors. Stop Kavanaugh.

After several women have courageously come forward with credible allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh — including Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who testified for hours before the Senate Judiciary Committee this past week — there is only one “fair path” forward: Brett Kavanaugh must withdraw his nomination.

Sen. McCaskill has already committed to voting “no” on Judge Kavanaugh, but Sen. Blunt is supporting him. Call your senatorsThank Sen. McCaskill for voting no. Demand Sen. Blunt vote no. Urge them both to support the withdrawal of his nomination.

Polling shows that Kavanaugh’s nomination is historically unpopular. If confirmed, Kavanaugh’s record shows he will use his power to control women’s bodies, including gutting our constitutional right to safe, legal abortion. To move forward with Kavanaugh's nomination is to dismiss and discount women and survivors everywhere.

McCaskill Announces She's a "No" on Kavanaugh

Earlier this month, Sen. Claire McCaskill announced she would vote against the most unpopular Supreme Court nominee in three decades, Brett Kavanaugh.

Judge Kavanaugh’s record shows he is a threat to the constitutional right to abortion, access to birth control, and health care coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. By voting no, Sen. McCaskill is standing with Missourians and protecting our rights.

Court Ruling Threatens to End Abortion Services in Columbia

A new ruling from the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals threatens to shut down abortion services at one of two remaining health centers in Missouri that can provide it. Ignoring Supreme Court precedent, the ruling reversed a preliminary injunction that blocked ambulatory surgical center and admitting privilege requirements virtually identical to those held unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt two years prior.

These restrictions are both TRAP laws — targeted regulation of abortion providers. They are medically unnecessary and designed specifically to make it more difficult to access safe, legal abortion.

Without intervention from federal district court, the requirements could take effect this week, forcing Planned Parenthood to suspend abortion services in Columbia and limiting access for patients seeking abortion to a single Missouri provider in St. Louis, as well as threatening efforts to restart services in Kansas City. The ruling will also risk further delaying plans to expand access to Springfield and Joplin.

Recap: Springfield Advocates Deliver Open Letter to Sen. Blunt

On Friday, September 28, nine advocates delivered an open letter signed by dozens of Springfield residents to Sen. Blunt’s office urging him to call for a half to the confirmation proceedings and call on President Trump to withdraw the nomination.

“We believe survivors. We believe Dr. Blasey Ford. We believe Deborah Ramirez. And we expect Sen. Blunt to stand with us and all survivors by voting no on Kavanaugh,” said Madison Hadler, who signed and helped deliver the open letter. “He has no business on the Supreme Court.”

See highlights from the letter delivery on Twitter and Instagram.


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