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A trip to Holland — Access to reproductive healthcare

Reproductive freedom and equal access to healthcare for everyone has always been on my agenda.

June 22, 2021

Pulse 5 Years Later

Today marks 5 years since the tragic mass shooting at Pulse nightclub.

June 11, 2021

How Planned Parenthood Champions Teen Reproductive Rights

Planned Parenthood sex educators play an essential role in providing teens with the knowledge and resources they need to stay safe and healthy.


Cecile Richards: Donald Trump’s Empty Gestures Hide His Dangerous Agenda for Women

It appears that last week, Donald Trump suddenly discovered that more than half of voters are women. That’s the only way to account for the fact that he rolled out two ideas aimed at women — neither of which would solve the problems facing women and families. After spending his entire campaign attacking and insulting women, Donald Trump is desperately trying to pander to them because he can’t come close to the lifetime of work Hillary Clinton has done to help women and families.

Sept. 21, 2016

Transforming Politics Beyond Candidates

Before Hillary Clinton there was Shirley Chisholm, and before her there was Victoria Claflin Woodhull. Woodhull was a woman ahead of her time, running for President under the Equal Right’s Party in 1872. One hundred years later, Shirley Chisholm ran for the Democratic nomination in 1972. Where Woodhull and Chisholm lacked in support (constituency & financially) Hillary Clinton has excelled. It’s no secret that money has the power to decide elections, but the people behind the money are changing. Recent data shows more women are donating to political campaigns than ever before.

Aug. 17, 2016

Pennsylvania’s Primary is April 26–Think it doesn’t matter? Think Again.

Everyone knows the Governor serves statewide and plays a crucial role in protecting and advocating for Planned Parenthood and Planned Parenthood’s patients, from providing a veto to dangerous legislation to helping ensure equality for all Pennsylvanians to promoting access to health care. But there are other statewide offices that matter, too. The Governor isn’t up for election this year, but these other critical statewide offices are. In just over a week – on April 26th – you’ll be able to cast your vote in the primary election to help choose the next nominee for President and United States Senate and Congress, but also for the state row offices of Attorney General, Auditor General, and Treasurer. Here’s a bit more about why these row offices matter.

April 14, 2016