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BREAKING: Alabama Lawmaker Introduces So-Called “Born Alive” Bill 

Bill Stokes Fear and Pushes Misinformation in an Effort to Ban Abortion


Montgomery - Today, Representative Ginny Shaver introduced House Bill 248, the so-called “Born Alive” bill. Less than a year after passing an outright abortion ban without exceptions for rape and incest, Alabama lawmakers are once again attempting to stoke fear and push misinformation in an effort to ban abortion. 


Very serious complications can develop in pregnancy. Abortions later in pregnancy occur because a woman is experiencing a health crisis or discovers that the pregnancy cannot survive. These are often circumstances where a woman has been pregnant for months and is devastated to end a pregnancy. Doctors and patients need all their options when something goes horribly wrong during a woman’s pregnancy. HB 248 is Alabama lawmakers’ latest attempt to take away a woman’s freedom to consult with her doctor and make her own health care decisions.


Statement from Staci Fox, President and CEO at Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates

“Bills like these perpetuate myths about abortion, the people who get abortions, and the doctors who care for them. Politicians in Alabama have already passed countless anti-women’s health measures in recent years, including an outright ban. This bill is just another tactic in their quest to make abortion illegal in the state. And to make matters worse, this bill is completely unnecessary. Infanticide is already illegal. Period. To suggest otherwise is false, offensive, and dangerous. This is an absolute waste of taxpayer time and money.” 

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