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What is H.57?

  • H.57 will ensure Vermonters have safe, legal access to abortion. The law does not change Vermont policy on abortion. It provides clarity about abortion rights that Vermonters have had for 46 years. With this law, these rights will remain the same. 
  • H.57 states that no government entity can interfere with, or restrict, a consenting individual’s right to abortion care.

Why is it important to pass H.57?

  • It’s critical to pass the abortion rights bill now. The Supreme Court could overturn Roe v. Wade as soon as this year, which would block millions of people from the health care they need. If Roe is overturned, abortion rights will be determined by the laws of each state. Elected officials in Vermont must take an affirmative stance by passing H.57 to send a clear message to all Vermonters that they stand for the protection and preservation of reproductive rights.
  • A person must be able to make their own health care decisions in consultation with their doctors and medical professionals. Abortion is health care. Every person should have the right to control their life, their body, and their future.
  • The goal of this law is to prevent government interference between a patient and their health care practitioner and to allow health care practitioners to provide the highest quality, evidence based, compassionate care that aligns with a patient’s goals and their professional judgement and ethical standards.

Will H.57 change Vermonters’ access to abortion care?

  • No. H.57 will simply codify into law current practices regarding abortion care in Vermont. H.57 makes no changes to the status quo, which is that Vermonters have the right to safe, legal abortion care without red tape or government interference.

When will H.57 take effect?

  • H.57 will take effect upon passage.

Does H.57 allow for abortions up until the due date?


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