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Planned Parenthood Vermont Action Fund IE PAC 2020 Election Endorsements

Planned Parenthood Vermont Action Fund IE PAC supports pro-reproductive health candidates for legislative and statewide office in Vermont. PPVTAF IE PAC is nonpartisan and endorses candidates based on issues concerning affordable, accessible health care and family planning services, contraceptive equity, reproductive justice, emergency contraception, comprehensive sex education, and abortion access for all Vermonters. We stand up for candidates who stand up for Vermonters. Below is our list of endorsements:

Statewide Candidates

Molly Gray, Lieutenant Governor (Winner)

T.J. Donovan, Attorney General (Winner)

Beth Pearce, State Treasurer (Winner)

Jim Condos, Secretary of State (Winner)


Senate Candidates
(organized by Senate District)

Christopher Bray, Addison (Winner)

Ruth Hardy, Addison (Winner)

Brian Campion, Bennington (Winner)

Dick Sears, Bennington (Winner)

Matthew Choate, Caledonia

Jane Kitchel, Caledonia (Winner)

Phil Baruth, Chittenden (Winner)

Thomas Chittenden, Chittenden (Winner)

Virginia "Ginny" Lyons, Chittenden (Winner)

Christopher Pearson, Chittenden (Winner)

Kesha Ram, Chittenden (Winner)

Michael Sirotkin, Chittenden (Winner)

Ron Horton, Essex-Orleans

Richard “Dick” Mazza, Grand Isle (Winner)

Richard A. Westman, Lamoille (Winner)

Mark A. MacDonald, Orange (Winner)

Brittany D. Cavacas, Rutland

Cheryl M. Hooker, Rutland (Winner)

Michael Shank, Rutland 

Ann Cummings, Washington (Winner)

Andrew Perchlik, Washington (Winner)

Anthony Pollina, Washington (Winner)

Becca Balint, Windham (Winner)

Jeanette White, Windham (Winner)

Alison H. Clarkson, Windsor (Winner)

Richard J. "Dick" McCormack, Windsor (Winner)

Alice W. Nitka, Windsor (Winner)

Doug Wilberding, Windsor


House of Representatives Candidates
(organized by House District)

Robin Scheu, Addison-1 (Winner)

Amy Sheldon, Addison-1 (Winner)

Peter Conlon, Addison-2 (Winner)

Diane Lanpher, Addison-3 (Winner)

Matt Birong, Addison-3 (Winner)

Mari Cordes, Addison-4 (Winner)

Caleb Elder, Addison-4 (Winner)

Jubilee McGill, Addison-5

Richard Lenchus, Addison-Rutland

Nelson Brownell, Bennington-1 (Winner)

Dane Whitman, Bennington 2-1 (Winner)

Jim Carroll, Bennington 2-2

David K. Durfee, Bennington-3 (Winner)

Seth Bongartz, Bennington-4 (Winner)

Kathleen James, Bennington-4 (Winner)

Linda Joy Sullivan, Bennington-Rutland (Winner)

Chip Troiano, Caledonia-2 (Winner)

R. Scott Campbell, Caledonia-3 (Winner)

Erin Brady, Chittenden-2 (Winner)

Jim McCullough, Chittenden-2 (Winner)

Trevor J. Squirrell, Chittenden-3 (Winner)

George Till, Chittenden-3 (Winner)

Bill Lippert, Chittenden 4-2 (Winner)

Kate Webb, Chittenden 5-1 (Winner)

Jessica Brumsted, Chittenden 5-2 (Winner)

Robert Hooper, Chittenden-6-1 (Winner)

Carol Ode, Chittenden 6-1 (Winner)

Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, Chittenden 6-2 (Winner)

Jill Krowinski, Chittenden 6-3 (Winner)

Curt McCormack, Chittenden 6-3 (Winner)

Brian Cina, Chittenden 6-4 (Winner)

Selene Colburn, Chittenden 6-4 (Winner)

Tiff Bluemle, Chittenden 6-5 (Winner)

Gabrielle Stebbins, Chittenden 6-5 (Winner)

Barbara Rachelson, Chittenden 6-6 (Winner)

Hal Colston, Chittenden 6-7 (Winner)

Taylor Small, Chittenden 6-7 (Winner)

Martin Lalonde, Chittenden 7-1 (Winner)

Ann Pugh, Chittenden 7-2 (Winner)

John Killacky, Chittenden 7-3 (Winner)

Maida F. Townsend, Chittenden 7-4 (Winner)

MaryBeth Redmond, Chittenden 8-1 (Winner)

Tanya Vyhovsky, Chittenden 8-1 (Winner)

Karen Dolan, Chittenden 8-2 (Winner)

Lori Houghton, Chittenden 8-2 (Winner)

Alyssa Black, Chittenden 8-3 (Winner)

Seth Chase, Chittenden 9-1 (Winner)

Curt Taylor, Chittenden 9-1 (Winner)

Sarita Austin, Chittenden 9-2 (Winner)

Emily Hecker, Chittenden-10

Ember Quinn, Chittenden-10

Martha W. Allen, Essex-Caledonia-Orleans

David Glidden, Franklin 3-1

Mike McCarthy, Franklin 3-1 (Winner)

Nicholas A. Brosseau, Franklin-4

Dennis A. Williams, Franklin-7

Mitzi Johnson, Grand Isle-Chittenden

Andy Julow, Grand Isle-Chittenden

Jo Sabel Courtney, Lamoille-1

Kate Donnally, Lamoille-2 (Winner)

Daniel Noyes, Lamoille-2 (Winner)

Avram Patt, Lamoille-Washington (Winner)

David Yacovone, Lamoille-Washington (Winner)

Carl Demrow, Orange-1

Susan Hatch Davis, Orange-1

Sarah Copeland Hanzas, Orange-2 (Winner)

Jay Hooper, Orange-Washington-Addison (Winner)

Larry Satcowitz, Orange-Washington-Addison (Winner)

Katherine Sims, Orleans-Caledonia (Winner)

Dave Potter, Rutland-2

Barbara Noyes Pulling, Rutland-4

William Notte, Rutland 5-4 (Winner)

Stephanie Z. Jerome, Rutland-6 (Winner)

Robin Chesnut-Tangerman, Rutland-Bennington

Logan Nicoll, Rutland-Windsor-2 (Winner)

Robert "Rob" Lehmert, Washington-1

Denise MacMartin, Washington-1

Tommy Walz, Washington-3 (Winner)

Peter D. Anthony, Washington-3 (Winner)

Mary S. Hooper, Washington-4 (Winner)

Kimberly Jessup, Washington-5 (Winner)

Janet Ancel, Washington-6 (Winner)

Kari Dolan, Washington-7 (Winner)

Maxine Grad, Washington-7 (Winner)

Thomas Stevens, Washington-Chittenden (Winner)

Theresa Wood, Washington-Chittenden (Winner)

Sara Coffey, Windham-1 (Winner)

Emilie Kornheiser, Windham 2-1 (Winner)

Mollie S. Burke, Windham 2-2 (Winner)

Tristan Toleno, Windham 2-3 (Winner)

Leslie Goldman, Windham-3 (Winner)

Carolyn W. Partridge, Windham-3 (Winner)

Michelle Bos-Lun, Windham-4 (Winner)

Mike Mrowicki, Windham-4 (Winner)

Emily Long, Windham-5 (Winner)

John Gannon, Windham-6 (Winner)

Laura Sibilia, Windham-Bennington (Winner)

John Bartholomew, Windsor-1 (Winner)

Elizabeth Burrows, Windsor-1 (Winner)

John Arrison, Windsor-2 (Winner)

Thomas A. Bock, Windsor 3-1 (Winner)

Alice M. Emmons, Windsor 3-2 (Winner)

Heather Surprenant, Windsor 4-1 (Winner)

Kevin “Coach” Christie, Windsor 4-2 (Winner)

Rebecca White, Windsor 4-2 (Winner)

Kelly Pajala, Windham-Bennington-Windsor (Winner)

John O’Brien, Windsor-Orange 1 (Winner)

Tim Briglin, Windsor-Orange 2 (Winner)

Jim Masland, Windsor-Orange 2 (Winner)

Kirk White, Windsor-Rutland (Winner)