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Fred Hubbell is the governor who will protect your health.

“For over thirty years, my wife and I have been committed to Planned Parenthood and the vital health care services and education they provide for Iowa women, men, and LGBTQ individuals. No state in the country has faced a graver threat to women’s access to quality, affordable health care. From the most extreme anti-women’s health care law in the country to the defunding of Planned Parenthood and the privatization of Medicaid, Iowa women now face greatly reduced access to care. By working together, we can end these attacks and get our state back to supporting the health of all Iowans.”

–Fred Hubbell

A longtime supporter of Planned Parenthood, Fred Hubbell has stood with Iowa women to increase access to reproductive and sexual health care for 30+ years. He served on Planned Parenthood of Mid-Iowa’s Board of Directors and Foundation Board from 1982-92, and alongside his wife, Charlotte, he helped Planned Parenthood overcome barriers to open a health center in Dubuque in 2011.

Fred Hubbell will work from day one in office to restore funding for Planned Parenthood, protect abortion access, and fix Iowa’s health crisis.

Why We Support Fred Hubbell for Governor of Iowa

  • Fred Hubbell has a demonstrated, decades-long commitment to women's health, reproductive rights, and Planned Parenthood.
  • Under Kim Reynolds, Iowa is a contraceptive desert with the most extreme abortion ban in the country.
  • As Governor, Fred will work to restore funding for family planning services, fix Medicaid, and stop the unconstitutional attacks on the right to access safe, legal abortion.

Under Kim Reynolds, Iowa is a contraceptive desert with the most restrictive abortion ban in the U.S.

Since the day she took office, Kim has decimated access to reproductive and sexual health by eliminating the Iowa Family Planning Network waiver, defunding Planned Parenthood, forcing health centers across the state to close, denying thousands of Iowans access to affordable health care, and supporting unconstitutional legislation that violates the fundamental constitutional right to access safe, legal abortion – including the 20 week abortion ban, 6-week abortion ban, and the 72-hour forced waiting period that was recently overturned by the Iowa Supreme Court.

Kim Reynolds' version of "The Iowa Story" is NOT the one we want to tell our daughters.

Since 2016, Kim Reynolds:

  • defunded Planned Parenthood
  • forced four Planned Parenthood health centers to close
  • signed the unconstitutional 6-week abortion ban

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