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2018 PPVI PAC Voter Guide

Reproductive health affects all our lives. Find out where candidates stand on the issues – and ensure their values align with yours.

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2018 Voting Information

Voter Identification Law

Beginning January 1, 2019, Iowa voters will be required to show a driver’s license, non-driver’s ID, passport, military ID, veterans ID, or Voter ID Card at the polls before they vote. Voters that do not have an ID can have someone attest to their identity or can cast a provisional ballot.

Signature Verification Law

A new law enables precinct election officials to challenge a voter if they believe the voter is not the person depicted on the identification card; a signature that does not match the signature on the ID is one component of that review. Poll workers will be instructed NOT to reject a ballot based solely on signatures not matching, and to take into account all of the information presented to them.

Registering at the Polls

Iowans can register to vote on Election Day with a photo ID and proof of residency (e.g., a utility bill). Or register in advance by visiting http://sos.iowa.gov.

  • Do you support public funding for Planned Parenthood?

    • Do you support access to birth control and family planning?
    • Do you support restoring the family planning waiver?
    • Would you block efforts to further defund Planned Parenthood?
  • Do you support access to safe and legal abortion?

    • Where do you stand on abortion rights?
    • Do you support access to safe, legal abortion in all circumstances?
    • Would you block restrictions on a woman's ability to access abortion?
  • Do you support access to accurate sexual health education?

    • Do you support public funds going to Planned Parenthood for sexual health education programs?
    • Do you think sexual health education should include gender identity and sexual orientation?