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Planned Parenthood is under attack like never before. If extreme politicians get their way, more Iowans will lose access to care at Planned Parenthood health centers. But we will fight like hell to stop these attacks — and we won't back down. Tell your legislator why you stand with Planned Parenthood.

NO on Iowa's 6-Week Abortion Ban!

What this bill does: The bill (now SF 359, formerly SF 2281) would outlaw abortion from the moment a fetal heartbeat is detected through abdominal ultrasound – as early as 6 weeks, before most women even know they are pregnant. The bill makes an exception only for medical emergency. 

Bill Status: The 6-week abortion ban has been amended to SF 359, a bill that regulates the use of fetal tissue. This bill was amended and advanced by a House Human Resources subcommittee. It is now eligible for debate by the full Human Resources committee.

Action To Take: Contact your state Representative by calling 515.281.3221

What You Can Say:

"I am a constituent calling to urge Representative ___ to oppose the 6-week ban on safe, legal abortion in the state of Iowa. SF 359 would make it a felony for a doctor to perform an abortion the moment a fetal heartbeat is detected - before many women even know they are pregnant. This legislation would intentionally challenge Roe v. Wade and interfere with Iowans' personal, private medical decisions. Please do the right thing, and vote NO on the abortion ban."

Facts on 6-Week bans:

The 6-week ban inserts government in our personal lives.

  • This legislation could affect important, personal private decisions that should be made by individuals in consultation with their doctors and their families.
  • A person should have the right to make decisions about their own health care and body without government intrusion.
  • While we may not agree on the reasons someone seeks an abortion, we can agree that politicians are not the experts and should not be dictating these decisions.

6-week bans are unconstitutional and intentionally go too far.

  • This bill would functionally ban abortion in the state, with rare exception.
  • The detection of fetal heartbeat is an arbitrary measure that politicians are weaponizing in order to advance an extreme anti-choice agenda.
  • The politicians sponsoring this bill are outside the mainstream of common sense thinking and their motivation is clear: to create a vehicle to legally challenge Roe v. Wade.
  • If passed, these bills would open the door to endless litigation and legal wrangling, clogging our already crowded courts and costing taxpayers more of their hard-earned money.  Passing any legislation that blatantly challenges Roe v. Wade would be a waste of taxpayer money on a divisive unconstitutional bill with dangerous consequences

Similar bills have failed in other states.

  • This type of ban has been struck down as unconstitutional in every state where it has been passed into law.
  • North Dakota and Arkansas both passed similar abortion bans and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars defending their laws in court, only to have the laws struck down or permanently blocked as unconstitutional.

Constitutional Background

  • In Roe v. Wade (1973), the Supreme Court held that a woman had a right to an abortion because it fell within the right to privacy (recognized in Griswold v. Connecticut) protected by the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Although the Court has chipped away at Roe over the years (most notably in Planned Parenthood v. Casey and Gonzales v. Carhart), the central holding that a state cannot ban abortion before viability still stands.  In the event that the Court were to overturn Roe, states with “trigger laws” (laws that ban abortion but cannot currently be enforced because of Roe) would automatically ban abortion.


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