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PPVotes! CT Announces 2018 Endorsements

PP Votes! CT endorses candidates who make reproductive health care and rights a priority

(New Haven, Conn.) -- On August 28, 2018, Planned Parenthood Votes! Connecticut (PPV!CT) announced the candidates receiving its endorsement in the 2018 election cycle. Planned Parenthood Votes! Connecticut is committed to supporting and endorsing pro-reproductive rights, pro-family planning candidates for state office.

“Our endorsed candidates are committed to protecting reproductive health, rights, and access, including access to safe, legal abortion, from the attacks by the Trump-Pence administration and Congress,” stated Chris Corcoran, Board Chair of Planned Parenthood Votes! Connecticut. “Since taking office, the Trump-Pence administration has pushed policy after policy meant to strip us of our basic reproductive health care and rights—taking away the rights of people of color, LGBTQ people, and women. Everyone deserves access to reproductive health care as a basic human right, no matter what.”

By electing these candidates, Connecticut will continue to demonstrate its leadership in the movement for reproductive freedom. The endorsed candidates have pledged to make reproductive health and rights a priority when elected. They support policies that impact our patients and communities and that ensure equity and bodily autonomy for all Connecticut residents.

“We are confident each of these candidates will work to preserve and expand access to full reproductive health care services for the people of Connecticut,” said Susan Yolen, Vice President of Public Policy and Advocacy with Planned Parenthood Votes! Connecticut. “We are committed to working to elect candidates who will protect family planning providers like Planned Parenthood against the current threats from Washington, DC.”


Constitutional Offices

Governor                        Ned Lamont
Lieutenant Governor   Susan Bysiewicz
Secretary of State         Denise Merrill*
Treasurer                        Shawn Wooden
Comptroller                   Kevin Lembo*
Attorney General          William Tong


State Senate

District 4          Steve Cassano*
District 5          Beth Bye*
District 6          Terry Gerratana* 
District 8          Melissa Osborne
District 9          Matt Lesser
District 10        Gary Winfield*
District 11        Martin Looney*
District 13        Mary Daugherty Abrams
District 14        James Maroney
District 16        Vickie Nardello
District 17        Jorge Cabrera
District 18        Heather Somers*
District 19        Cathy Osten*
District 20        Martha Marx
District 21        Monica Brill
District 22        Marilyn Moore*  
District 24        Julie Kushner
District 25        Bob Duff*
District 26        William Haskell
District 27        Carlo Leone*
District 28        Michelle Lapine McCabe
District 29        Mae Flexer*
District 30        David Lawson
District 31        Christopher Wright
District 32        Catherine De Carli
District 34        Aili McKeen
District 35        John Perrier
District 36        Alexandra Bergstein

State House of Representatives

District 1          Matthew Ritter*
District 2          Raghib Allie-Brennan
District 4          Kennard Ray
District 6          Edwin Vargas*
District 7          Joshua Hall*
District 8          Brenda Falusi
District 9          Jason Rojas*
District 12        Geoffrey Luxenberg
District 13        Jason Doucette
District 14        John Pelkey
District 17        Eleni Kavros DeGraw
District 18        Jillian Gilchrest
District 19        Derek Slap*
District 21        Mike Demicco*
District 22        Richard Ireland
District 23        Matthew Pugliese
District 24        Rick Lopes*
District 26        Tremell Collins
District 27        Gary Turco
District 28        Russ Morin*
District 29        Kerry Wood
District 30        Joe Aresimowicz*
District 31        Jill Barry
District 32        Laurel Steinhauser
District 34        Theresa Govert
District 36        Christine Palm
District 37        Hugh McKenney
District 38        Baird Welch-Collins
District 40        Christine Conley*
District 41        Joe de la Cruz*
District 42        Elizabeth (Liz) Schwebel 
District 44        Christine Rosati Randall
District 45        Steven Mikutel
District 47        Kate Donnelly 
District 48        Linda Orange*
District 49        Susan Johnson*
District 50        Pat Boyd*
District 51        Larry Groh
District 53        Patricia Wilson Pheanious
District 54        Gregory Haddad*
District 55        Tiffany Thiele
District 56        Michael Winkler*
District 58        Thomas Arnone
District 59        Anthony DiPace
District 60        Jane Garibay
District 62        Amanda Webster
District 64        Maria Horn
District 66        Alex Larsson
District 67        Thomas O'Brien
District 69        Greg Cava
District 76        Paul Honig
District 80        David Borzellino
District 81        Ryan Rogers
District 83        Catherine Abercrombie*
District 84        Hilda Santiago*
District 85        Mary Mushinsky*
District 87        Theresa Ranciato-Viele
District 88        Josh Elliott*
District 89        Anne Harrigan
District 90        Dan Fontaine
District 92        Patricia Dillon*
District 94        Robyn Porter*
District 95        Juan Candelaria*
District 96        Roland Lemar*
District 98        Sean Scanlon*
District 99        James Albis*
District 100      Quentin Phipps
District 101      Noreen Kokoruda*
District 102     Robin Comey
District 103      Liz Linehan*
District 106      Rebekah Harriman-Stites
District 107      Daniel Pearson
District 109      David Arconti*
District 110      Bob Godfrey*
District 114      Themis Klarides*
District 115      Dorinda Borer*
District 117      Cindy Boynton
District 118      Kim Rose*
District 119      Ellen Beatty
District 120      Phillip Young*
District 123      Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox
District 125      Ross Tartell
District 127      John (Jack) Hennessy*
District 129      Steven Stafstrom*
District 132      Brenda Kupchick*
District 133      Cristin McCarthy Vahey*
District 134      Ashley Gaudiano
District 135      Anne Hughes  
District 136      Jonathan Steinberg*
District 137      Chris Perone*
District 138      Kenneth Gucker
District 139      Kevin Ryan*
District 140      Colin Hosten
District 141      Terrie Wood*
District 142      Lucia "Lucy" Dathan
District 143      Gail Lavielle*
District 144      Caroline Simmons*
District 147      Matthew Blumenthal
District 150      Stephen Meskers
District 151      Laura Kostin

* incumbent

PPV!CT organizes volunteers to educate voters through door knocking, phone calls and online to ensure  they know what is at stake for women’s health ahead and the November 6 general election. Election Day is Tuesday, November 6, 2018.  

PPV!CT is the advocacy and political arm of Planned Parenthood of Southern New England (PPSNE).