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The Time is Now!

2019 Connecticut Legislative Agenda

We will continue to fight to protect equal access to health care, including a full range of sexual and reproductive health care, for all people and ensure our communities have what they need to live healthy and self-determined lives. We won’t stop fighting for bodily autonomy, and a world where abortion is understood as a basic human right, an essential part of health care, and a normal part of life.

Key bills to advance reproductive health care and maternal health are:

  • Protection of abortion access and addressing cost barriers to abortion.

  • Protecting confidential healthcare information by suppressing explanation of benefits paperwork in certain circumstances.

  • Expanding Medicaid coverage for doulas to address maternal health disparities, particularly the high maternal mortality rate for Black women.

  • Providing parity in Medicaid reimbursements for midwives with that of OB/GYNs to expand access to midwife care (proven to lower the rate of costly medical interventions) for low-income women in our state.

  • Limiting the deceptive advertising practices of fake women’s health centers.

  • Strengthening protections for breastfeeding women and removing the tax on breastfeeding supplies.

  • Access to PrEP (pre-exposure medication to prevent HIV) for minors without parental consent.

Planned Parenthood views policy through a social justice lens and believes that reproductive rights are not achieved in a silo and are at the intersection of other fundamental human rights. Policies must be reflective of bodily autonomy and allow our communities to live full, healthy lives and have those decisions respected. Policies that promote racial justice, economic justice, LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights, voting rights and environmental justice have been critical to Planned Parenthood’s patients and communities where our health centers are located. That is why we are working with our coalition partners this legislative session to support the following policies:

  • Supporting a state certification process for Community Health Workers

  • Supporting data collection legislation that would result in the standard collection of race, ethnicity, and language data across all state agencies

  • Supporting access to health care and health care coverage for all people regardless of immigration status

  • Passing a paid family medical leave system for CT workers (PPSNE is a steering committee member for the Campaign for Paid Family Leave)

  • Raising the minimum wage in our state and join the Fight for $15

  • Eliminating Connecticut statute of limitations for sexual assault crimes

  • Strengthening existing law (Trust Act) to protect immigrant families from deportation

  • Supporting misdemeanor sentencing reform bill

  • Support efforts to “Unlock the Vote” to restore the democratic right to vote for people being held in pre-trial detention and people who are currently living, working and paying local, state and federal taxes while serving terms of parole

  • Banning gay and trans “panic” defense

  • Support establishing a statewide LGBT health and human services network to advance LGBT health and build capacity to foster a safer and more supportive state for LGBT residents

  • Ensuring access to safe bathroom facilities to address the basic needs of gender nonconforming students in middle schools and high schools

  • Creating a task force to study discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression that occurs in state workplaces and schools

  • Support banning of PFAS chemicals-- used in firefighting foam, anti-stick cookware, food packaging and service ware, textiles and numerous other products

Want to make a difference and help us win this legislative session? Contact us at [email protected]

You can also contact your state legislators about these important policy issues  and you can find your legislators here: http://bit.ly/findyourlegct

Questions about legislative priorities please contact Gretchen Raffa at [email protected]