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Candidate for Washington's Eighth Congressional District

We stand with Dr. Kim Schrier because she stands with women and families. She's spent her career as a Doctor providing our communities with access to health care. We know she will stand up to the Trump Administration and protect critical access to health care at Planned Parenthood. 

Vote Dr. Schrier by Tuesday November 6.

Why We Support Dr. Kim Schrier"

  • Kim is a fierce advocate for Planned Parenthood and access to health care and reproductive freedom.

  • Dr. Schrier knows firsthand the importance of access to healthcare because she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a teenager.
  • She believes healthcare is a right and should be accessible and affordable for every American
  • She supports public education and will fight to provide resources for disadvantaged public schools to level the playing field
  • She will take on the drug companies unfairly raising the costs of prescription and will stop insurance companies from charging more for pre-existing conditions
  • She will fight to protect critical access to services for the most vulnerable
  • She stands in solidarity with communities that are fighting for more equity, empowerment, and access to care — including immigrants and survivors of sexual violence

Dino Rossi (R) consistently pushed policies in the state legislature that make it harder for middle class families to get ahead. He opposed minimum wage increases approved by Washington voters and voted against paid family leave for Washington workers. And his budget plan slashed education funding, increased college tuition, took health care away from forty-five thousand children, and raised taxes on nursing homes.

Dino Rossi (R) is bad for both Washingtons. 

  • Rossi opposes abortion, except in the cases of rape or incest, or to save the life of the mother (CD 8 Debate, 11/17/18)
  • Rossi voted against funding for low-income family planning services. (SB 5465 3/16/99; SB 5186, 3/9/01)
  • Dino Rossi pushed to fund ineffective abstinence-only sex education programs while in the State Senate, instead of giving our youth the information they need to make responsible, healthy choices.  (SB 5592, Seattle PI 3/17/97; SB 5592 3/19/97)
  • Rossi voted twice to mandate parental notification before abortion (SB 6290 2/16/98, Seattle Time 2/17/98, SB 5255 3/19/97, Seattle Times 3/19/97)
  • Rossi is “opposed to legal abortion.” Rossi’s position on choice is identical to that of President George W. Bush (Washington Law and Politics April/May 2004, Spokesman Review 12/10/2003, New York Times 4/22/04)
  • Dino Rossi believes that pharmacists should have the right to refuse to provide emergency contraception (Seattle Times, November 15, 2007)
  • Rossi voted against requiring health plans that cover prescription drugs to cover prescription contraceptives (SB5512, 3/9/99)

Get Involved

Join us to help elect Dr. Kim Schrier (D)! Dr. Schrier is the leader we need representing us in Congress.


Dr. Schrier on the Issues:

  • She is a firm supporter of Immigrant rights and would fight to protect DACA and DREAMers
  • She supports universal, comprehensive background checks as one way to address our gun violence crisis
  • She believes that everyone deserves affordable, high-quality health care