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Why We're voting NO
on Ballot Measure 2:

  • We strongly believe in voting rights, transparency, and accountability
  • Voting is fundamental to our democracy. This year's election is the most important in our lifetime, and it is up to all of us to hold our elected leaders accountable.
  • Because of what is at stake, we cannot support Ballot Measure 2.

The nation is facing a public health crisis. More than 210,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 and more than 7.5 million have been infected. The focus of our elected leaders must be on addressing the continued spread and ongoing health and economic ramifications of COVID-19 — not on a rushed and dangerous process to confirm a Supreme Court nominee hostile to reproductive rights and the Affordable Care Act to a lifetime position on the highest court in the land.

Fundamental rights are on the ballot this election: reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, workers’ rights, civil rights, and more. This is not the time to allow an outside group backed by millions of dollars, change Alaska’s entire election system. Our local elected officials are our last line of defense to protect the health and rights of the people of Alaska. There is too much uncertainty about how this would take shape, and the stakes are too high.

Ballot Measure 2 disenfranchises voters, leaves too much up to chance and uncertainty, and doesn’t represent the people of Alaska. PPVNH will continue supporting a fair and equal election process, ensuring one vote one voice. 

Ballot Measure 2, while seemingly meant to address all voices in Alaska is being driven by outside voices and not the solution we need. 

Voting Information

Get information on how to vote in Alaska this year.