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Contact your Senator

Senator Peter Micciche (R), District O

Click here to call: 907-465-2828

House Bill 25 requires insurance coverage for all FDA-approved contraceptive methods. It also requires insurance plans to cover a one-year supply of birth control. Consistent use of birth control is the best way to prevent unintended pregnancy and we must remove unnecessary and burdensome obstacles that block reliable access to contraceptives. Women without reliable access to transportation or living in rural areas have more barriers to dependable access to birth control, leaving them at a greater risk for unintended pregnancies.


You can use this script when calling and emailing your Senator.

Hi, my name is ____________, I live in ________ and I’m your constituent.  I’m calling about an important bill in the legislature that will impact people in your district. House bill 25 would give women a full year's supply of their birth control in just one visit, reducing barriers, helping women plan their families, reduce unintended pregnancy, and save money for Alaskan families. 

I ask that you support this important bill.

Thank you.

Why This Bill Is So Important

All people have the right to self determination. For women, that means reliable access to safe forms of birth control. The ability to secure 12 months of birth control allows women to take back control of their own bodies, and also their lives. It allows women to decide when THEY are ready for children -through changes in employment, through educational pursuits, and through travel and residence in places where transportation is not readily accessible. If you support equal access to opportunity, you support HB 25.


Erica M., Anchorage