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Support increased access to birth control

The 12 Months of Birth Control bill has passed the House and is onto the Senate. Contact the Chairs of the Senate Health and Social Services Committee and Finance Committee and tell them to pass the bill out of committee!

House Bill 25 requires insurance coverage for all FDA-approved contraceptive methods. It also requires insurance plans to cover a one-year supply of birth control. Consistent use of birth control is the best way to prevent unintended pregnancy and we must remove unnecessary and burdensome obstacles that block reliable access to contraceptives. Women without reliable access to transportation or living in rural areas have more barriers to dependable access to birth control, leaving them at a greater risk for unintended pregnancies.

Everyone deserves affordable and accessible birth control that works for them. Consistent access to birth control gives women the ability to control when and if they have children, giving them more career and education opportunities and healthier pregnancies. That’s where lawmakers should be focused, not on adding abortion restrictions in our state.

Why This Bill Is So Important

This bill is a no-brainer in our state, where so many residents spend significant portions of their year in remote locations. 

For over a decade, I worked in the salmon troll fishery out of Sitka. During the summers, when I captained a troll tender vessel, my crew members and I did not have much time to get to the doctor. We worked 7 days a week, and spent 5 of 7 days at sea. In the past, I had to cancel doctor appointments repeatedly or delay departures in order to get crucial care for myself and my crew. While some of these visits may have been unavoidable, having to alter schedules for something as simple as a pre-approved prescription pickup is a frustrating and unnecessary expense. 

In this time of budget crisis throughout the state, I am sure that you all understand the importance of economic efficiency.

Supporting HB 25 is the fiscally responsible choice for women's health in Alaska.

-Elizabeth F., Anchorage